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When it comes to working, everybody’s first option is the USA. This is because the country is known as the land of opportunity, where people from all across the world come to live a happy and successful work life. This country has everything, from a good work ethic to the joy of a relaxing weekend. This is why the most favored nation for a work migration in the entire world, is the USA.

To make it easier for you, we have broken down the entire migration procedure right here, right now!

The Department of State of USA provides many migration categories, however, the most common type is the E-type. The E-type migration provides you with an employment-based migration where you can apply for the Green Card or the Legal Permanent Card, mostly known for its abbreviation, as the LPR Card.

The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that sometimes, even if you fulfil the required criteria for your migration application, there might be a possibility where you may not get your migration. Why is that? It is because issuing of migrations is usually capped by the number. This implies that your migration will only be issued if you have applied for it before the quota is full.

Under the E type migration, you still have options as it is divided into various sub-categories. The quota which includes the number of seats and its priority levels shifts from category to category.

The most important thing for you to keep in mind while applying for your migration under this package is that you must already have an existing job offer. A job offer is not it; your employer must have approval from the Department of Labor for you to get your migration.

The Application Process

Once you have made sure that your employer has an approval from the Department of Labor, then you can move ahead with the next procedure. Your employer will be sending you an application which will provide services of immigration and citizenship. Your employer will hand over these applications to the National Migration Center, mostly known for its abbreviation, as the NVC. Your application is put under scrutiny where your application will be checked for any disparities.

Once your application is complete with every required document in the right place, you will be called for the next step; the interview. However, there is one step before this one, which is your medical examination. This medical examination is done to see whether you are healthy enough to carry out the job you are applying for.

The Wait; the Processing Time

According to the State of Department, you will not be allotted any slot of waiting time. There is no saying how long the process of processing will take. However, we do know one thing that is that E-type migrations usually take longer to process.

Result Time

There are only two possible scenarios in this step, you either get your migration or you don’t. If your migration is approved, then you get your passport back with the migration stamped on it along with some documents you will need to submit. These documents must be sealed and shown at your immigration counter along with the migration. The Department of Immigration, on their website, will provide you with the fee details that you need to pay before you travel.

WE will be by you for every step, and then, when you receive your migration, you’re good to go live the American Dream!


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