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Australia Subclass 491 Visa

Australia Subclass 491 Visa: How Can It help you Attain Permanent Residency in Australia?

Australia subclass 491 visa is the kind of visa that is nominated by the state. It helps skilled migrants to live or work in Australia for up to 5 years.

Apart from this, state nomination from the side of the government of South Australia provides you 15 additional points to help you qualify for a 491 family sponsored visa under the Department of Home Affairs. Through this visa permit, South Australia offers a state nomination in the form of a subclass 491 visa if you meet all the requirements needed for nomination.

Australia subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa

Australia Subclass 491 visa can help you get 191 skilled regional permanent resident visa, if:

  • You have worked or lived in South Africa for almost three years
  • Meet the basic eligibility criteria of income tax level for three years
Who Can Apply for Skilled Regional Visa 491?

To apply for skilled regional visa 491, you must have attained the minimum age of 45 at the time of nomination or beginning the application. You must have basic qualified skills and an occupation listed on South Australia’s skilled occupation.

Basic Eligibility for a Skilled Provisional Visa

To get eligible for a skilled provisional visa, you must:

  • Be nominated to apply
  • Have your noteworthy occupation mentioned on the skilled occupation list
  • Have an invitation to apply
  • Have satisfied the point-scoring test

Skilled Work Regional Visa is a provisional visa. It is for those personalities who have come under the skilled migrant's category and want to work or live in regional Australia. This type of visa category allows you to:

  • Have a stay in Australia for at least five years
  • lived, worked or have been designated in the regional area of Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia till the date of validity of visa
  • Apply for permanent residency in Australia after three years from the date when the permit was granted
Process do We Follow to Grant You an Australia Subclass 491 Visa:

Step 1: Checking for the eligibility criteria and the score points. The minimum score points to get eligible for the skilled work regional visa 491 is 65.

Step 2: Submit a notable Expression of Interest (EOI).

Step 3: Once EOI is submitted, we wait for the invitation to come.

Step 4: Gather your documents based on the eligibility criteria.

Step 5: Apply for the visa within the minimum period of receiving the invitation. Guide you with honest advice so that you can pursue the process quickly.

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