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Subclass 189 Visa Australia

Who Can Apply for Subclass 189 Visa Australia and What are the Requirements? Follow the Complete Guide!

The Australia subclass 189 visa is a point-based system regarded as a permanent visa for skilled workers to whom their Australian employers do not sponsor.

Australia Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa

Skilled Independent Visa Requirements

Australia subclass 189 visa allows skilled people to migrate to Australia permanently. With the hold of 189 visa, you can:

  • Be in or outside Australia after making up with the application
  • Work or study anywhere in Australia
  • Sponsor your relatives for permanent residency
  • Apply for Australian citizenship after checking for the eligibility criteria
The Benefits of Obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa

A skilled migrant visa offers several excellent benefits for those interested in getting permanent residency in Australia to start a new life. Unlike other visas, which require a new residency permit to move to a particular state or territory sponsored to them, the Australia subclass 189 visa allows the applicant to have complete freedom to live, work and study anywhere in Australia.

With This Subclass 189 Permits, You Can:
  • Sponsor your relative to come with you.
  • Can give access to your children to free schooling.
  • Obtain a home loan, medical facilities.
  • Attain social security.

With a Skilled Migration 189 visa, you can legally move to Australia, which is an entirely skill-based process and requires sufficient points to qualify for the same.

189 Visa Application Processing Time

The processing time depends on the scores you have attained. The more points you have gained, the more chances you get a visa permit within the minimum time. The minimum time required for processing the 189 visa application is around 14 months to 17 months.

The Skilled Independent Visa Points: Seek Permanent Visa for Skilled Workers

When their respective Australian employer does not sponsor the skilled workers, this skilled independent visa comes into play. The Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa allows the visa holder to permanently move or migrate to any place within Australia. Moreover, you are required to score a minimum of 65 points or more with the essential eligibility criteria to get a skilled independent visa.

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