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New Zealand Permanent Residency

Essential Points to Note before Seeking Skilled Labour Migration for New Zealand

A skilled migrant visa is the type of visa that allows skilled migrants to get a permanent residency in New Zealand. The visa immigration is managed by Immigration New Zealand, which further comes under the act of 2009. Currently, it targets attracting almost 26K migrants annually.

What are the Requirements for Getting a Skilled Migrants Visa for NZ?

If you are sufficiently qualified, possess some high skills, and want to shift to New Zealand, you can apply for the skilled migrant category. Skilled worker immigration is a points-based system further tested on age, work, qualifications, education, and a skilled employment offer letter. To score New Zealand Immigration points, you must have attained the age of 55 or under, should have met the criteria of the English language test, have undergone a good health test and must have got a prepared health and character certificate.

Skilled Migrants Visa for NZ

Skilled Migrant Migration

New Zealand Visa Requirements:
1. Self-assessment

You can check your credibility for the skilled migrants' visa for New Zealand. It is a point-based system. The more you score the points, the better are the chances of proceeding with the application.

2. Expression of Interest

You will be required to submit an expression of interest. It will take around two hours to complete an expression of interest. You can fill this online also.

3. Receive an Invitation to Apply

If you have gained 160 points or more, you will get selected based on Expression of Interest. Afterward, you may be required to send an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

4. Submit a Resident Application

Along with other necessary documents, you will be required to submit a resident application.

5. Receive your Visa

If you have successfully filled all the necessary documents and scored enough points, you will be issued a resident visa.

New Zealand Visa application process time generally takes a minimum of three months to four months. It may extend based on the scores.

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