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Canadian Investor Visa

When is there a Need to Opt for a Canadian Investor Visa?

Canada is frequently voted to be the best country to seek immigrants and provide permanent residency to students or job seekers. It is known for its high standard cleaning and low crime rates. The country has a long tradition of seeking immigration through various modes. You can get a Canadian investor immigration program and get a well-approved government program for staying in Canada. A Canadian investor visa allows wealthy business people to invest their capital in Canada.

Canadian Investor Immigration Program

Investors and their Immediate Families Can Gain a Canada Citizenship by Investment:
  • To seek a business immigration service, you will be required to demonstrate your business as defined under regulations. For this, you must have previously managed a business for at least two years.
  • You and your spouse must have a personal net worth of CAD 2 million to seek investor visa requirements.
  • You must have invested CAD 1.2 million in any of the businesses for almost five years. A business investment visa is a government-approved program and guarantees to be paid wholly.
  • You will be judged on different factors, including age, language, experience in business, educational qualifications, and time spent in Quebec (points-based system)
How can Brilliance Migration Services help you in Attaining Canadian Investor Visa?

If you are thinking of applying for a Canadian Investor Visa, let's first acknowledge yourself with specific essential points. When looking to migrate to Canada as an investor, the best option that first comes to mind is a start-up visa program. Brilliance Migration Services will let you qualify the essential requirements that are there attached with a start-up visa.

The basic requirements for a start-up business visa are:
  • Well-established and qualifying business
  • Intermediate language test in either French or English language
  • Need a letter of support from a designated institution.
  • Financial support to hold livelihood in Canada.

Our experts have achieved immense knowledge in the field of immigration. Getting the documentation done on your behalf is one of the top services we provide to our customers. We help you with speeding up your essential paperwork and get the permits done quickly. Moving to another country can be troublesome. It needs a lot of paperwork, formalities and processes. Brilliance Migration Services will lead you with all the necessary advice so that you can end the whole cycle with no doubts.

Why Vouch for Brilliance Migration Services?

We at Brilliance Migration Services are the global leader in getting residence and citizenship planning. We seek hundreds of wealthy individuals to get advice from our experts. Our highly qualified professionals work together as one team to over services worldwide. If you want to earn permanent residency through an investor visa for Canada or an entrepreneur program, you can connect with one of our professionals and seek correct guidance on visa documentation.

Our consultants will advise you on the best option that goes with your case or suits your profile. Contact us today to begin your application process and call us at +971-45463086.


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