Who is A Skilled Worker in New Zealand?

Who Is A Skilled Worker In New Zealand?

By: Emily Wilson

New Zealand needs highly skilled and qualified individuals. The jobs mentioned on the Essential Skills Demand Lists recognize the necessity for international workers in various fields and sectors of NZ.

About New Zealand Immigration Points System

The NZ skilled migrant points system is intended to permit Expressions of Interest to be ranked in order so that the NZ migration officials can make calls to submit an application for residence to those immigrants who can contribute to the development of New Zealand.

The applicants gain points for age, having relatives in NZ, qualifications, employment, and past work experience. You’ll have to meet the minimum threshold of 100 points to lodge an Expression of Interest.

What are All Skills in Demand in New Zealand?

Most new jobs will be in highly skilled professions. But, there will be openings for employees with skills of various kinds, mainly in the fastest developing employment areas of accommodation and food services, construction and retail trade, business services.

NZ Skill Shortage List

The NZ Skill Shortage List is handled by Immigration New Zealand and is based on what NZ companies say are the occupations they face difficulty to find skilled employees for. The Skill Shortage List covers loads of areas, professions, and occupations where skilled employees are in demand. Since New Zealand does not have enough citizens with the skills that are needed to perform specific jobs, therefore, they want skilled employees from abroad.

At Present, the Lists Cover Skills in These Sectors:

  1. Construction
  2. Agriculture
  3. Finance/business
  4. ICT and electronics
  5. Engineering
  6. Science
  7. Trades
  8. Transport
  9. Recreation
  10. Tourism
  11. Health and social services
  12. Education
About half of the many new jobs in NZ yearly will be in either business services, accommodation and food services, construction, or retail business.
Skilled worker visa for New Zealand

How do I Get A Skilled Job in New Zealand?

Employment progression will be the sturdiest for highly skilled jobs, counting managers and experts. However, there will be openings for those having fewer skills with the fastest evolving employment in this category, such as mining laborers, construction, and drivers.

Occupations in NZ are distributed pretty extensively around the country. The 3 major employment hubs in NZ are Wellington, Auckland, and Canterbury. Employment progression in Canterbury has decelerated recently with the constant wind-down of the restoration after the earthquakes of 2011.

Nevertheless, there are nearly as many jobs in the districts, counting Waikato, Nelson, and Otago.

New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa

If you want to work abroad, you must know the migration rules and regulations in advance. Every nation has its own set of rules regarding essential skills, official documentation, and age restrictions. New Zealand offers more than 80 types of visas. Each visa has its own requisites and conditions. Most visa application processes are done online via NZ’s official migration website.

New Zealand skilled worker visas, on the other side, can be divided into 2 general categories: Temporary work Visa and Essential Skills Work Visa. If you want to work in NZ for a short period, you can apply for a Temporary Work Visa.

You will need to show several vital documents to apply for an Essential Skills Work Visa such as an employment offer, occupational registration form, Employer Supplementary form, official previous records, and certificates. The New Zealand immigration fee is 55 NZD, no matter what category of visa you apply for.