What Is All Needed For Becoming a Certified Immigration Consultant?

What Is All Needed For Becoming A Certified Immigration Consultant?

By: Emily Wilson

If you really wish to be a certified migration consultant in Riyadh, you will firstly need to earn a few specific qualifications. Those wanting to be certified immigration consultants should hold a graduate diploma in immigration & citizenship. After that, they must pass the Entry to Practice examination. Migration consultants generally work for government agencies, law firms, private firms, etc., coping mainly with migration cases. Migration consultants have years of experience, and they can assist individuals with the procedure of immigration and naturalization.

Let’s Discuss All the Basic Steps to Be a Certified Immigration Consultant:

1.  Bachelor’s Degree
You will need to get a bachelor’s degree from a renowned institution. Your area of study is not important because you will be pursuing additional education following your graduation. Still, you might need to think about a degree course in law or public policy to provide yourself with a solid foundation for your potential studies.

Moreover, you will need to be sure that you achieve decent grades and create a great impression on your teachers. To be eligible for the next step, you will require a minimum of a B average (around 70 percent) across your studies, plus get a good reference from a teacher.  You have to make the most of professors’ office hours for making a connection and increasing your odds of getting a good reference.

2.  Graduate Diploma
There are just 2 schools in Canada that provide the necessary graduate diploma course: Universite de Montreal and Queen's University. Universite de Montreal teaches in French, and Queen’s University teaches in English.

A graduate diploma is an essential step if you want to be a certified immigration consultant. The duration of this program is 3 semesters, and it is intended to be finished in one year. Also, it is optimized for digital learning, which means you do not have to visit the campus in-person.

You will have to meet specific qualifications to qualify for this program. In addition, you will have to submit a brief Statement of Interest describing your career goals and interest in the field.

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3.  Entry to Practice Examination
The last step is the EPE or Entry to Practice Exam directed by ICCRC. After the completion of your Graduate Diploma in Immigration & Citizenship Law, you will be all set to pass the examination. Understand that only the citizens of Canada and permanent residents can give the test. If you are from outside Canada, ensure that you have achieved permanent resident status by this stage. Once more, only the citizens and permanent residents of Canada can give this imperative examination to be certified immigration consultants.

The Entry to Practice Exam is conducted on various occasions yearly by ICCRC. There are roughly 140 questions; each of them shows a hypothetical situation to test your judgment as a potential migration consultant. These are multiple-choice questions (MCQ), and you can write the examination in French or English. The time given to complete the exam is 3 hours.

Summing Up
A certified immigration consultant in Riyadh, SA usually works for government agencies or law firms. Immigration consultants can help their clients in the immigration process and paperwork. They can also assist their clients in preparing for visa interviews. To become an immigration consultant, you have to achieve a diploma within one year or less.