What All You Need to Know to Apply for A Germany Job Seeker Visa?

What All You Need To Know To Apply For A Germany Job Seeker Visa?

By: Emily Wilson

Germany is beautiful in every sense. Whether we talk about its urban cities or the rugged landscapes, it has a lot of landscapes to proffer. However, not only beautiful, but this country is also amongst Europe's most powerful countries. This country has a huge scope of good growth since it has a minimal unemployment rate. Such factors make it a perfect destination for anyone who is looking for a job. To gain employment here, you would have to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa.

How to Apply for the Germany Job Seekers Visa?

Germany has always encouraged highly qualified and skilled professionals to come up and search for work. Thus, if you have also decided to be one of them, you should start contacting the best migration consultants for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Germany. Let us learn about the Germany Job Seeker Visa in detail further…

What Do You Mean By A Germany Job Seeker Visa?

With the help of a job seeker visa, it would be easier for you to reside in Germany for over six months. You'll have to search for a job simultaneously. If, by the end of this tenure, you are able to find a job there, you will be facilitated with a Germany work visa. You need to keep in consideration that the Germany job seeker visa shall not allow you to start working in your profession immediately. It only means that you are allowed to search for a job during your stay in the country.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants of Germany Job Seeker Visa

You need to fulfil noteworthy criteria for being eligible for the job seeker visa. It is mentioned below:
  1. You should have a bachelor/master degree.
  2. You should hail with five years of experience in your preferred field of study.
  3. You should have proof of your financial stability.
  4. You should have travel or medical insurance.
Documentation Required

Once you are well aware of the eligibility criteria for applicants, the next step is sorting out your documents. We have listed them below:
  1. Passport
  2. Photocopy of the data page of your passport
  3. Three passport pictures
  4. Cover letter with your visit's objective and alternative career plans mentioned
  5. University Degree from your home country
  6. Detailed resume/CV.
  7. Proof of your residence in Germany.
  8. Proof of financials, i.e. bank statements, blocked bank account etc.
  9. Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate
  10. Health insurance proof
Application Form and Submission

After gathering the significant documents, the next step is filling up your application form. You can get it from the German Embassy. After submitting your application form, your interview appointment shall be confirmed. Your interview and background would be the best determinants of your application, and based on the same, your application would be rejected or selected.


If you are highly determined to gain employment opportunities in Germany, make sure you are surely following the above-mentioned steps. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that your application is certainly the best! The moment you find a job in Germany, you should change your Germany job seeker visa into a permanent residence permit.