Things to Bear In Mind While Shifting To Australia as a Family

Things To Bear In Mind While Shifting To Australia As A Family

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If you are looking to settle in Australia, you need to concern about specific things. The culture of Australia is above Barbeque, beach life, beer, and sizzling weather. It is a land that offers numerous varieties to its visitors. Here you can surf and ski on a similar day. Let us find out more about this island nation.

Australia is around 3 million sq. miles; it is almost the size of Europe. If you put a map of Europe over the map of Australia, you will see that the distance between Ukraine and Portugal is less than the distance between Sydney and Perth. It means that you would require a hefty amount of time to witness the whole of Australia. Stumble upon the most dependable Australia immigration consultant in Dubai for zero errors in your application procedure.

Weather Conditions in Australia

Australia’s weather does a lot of variations; it stays hot and sunny the entire year in every corner. It is generally damp season in the northern part while it’s summer in the South. The people living in Brisbane can enjoy tropical weather, whereas Melbourne is popular for its four seasons in one day. In few areas of the country, the people can experience snow which is quite ideal for skiing.

By 2040, the temperature in Australia is anticipated to reach 50 degrees Celsius.

Avoid Jaywalking in Australia

Jaywalking is considered to be a criminal offence in this country; you cannot cross the road from wherever you want. You may have to give a fine of 70 AUD. More than 10000 pedestrians in New South Wales were fined for Jaywalking between 2014 and 2017. In case you want to cross the road, use a designated crossing point like zebra or pelican crossing. If there aren’t any crossing points around you, stroll for miles to find one.

City Life in Australia

Nearly 90 percent of Australians reside in cities. If you are thinking of moving to any Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney are the highly recommended ones. Besides cities, there are many astonishing locations in this country which includes 500+ national parks.

Working in Australia

Australia is one of the first nations to put into practice the 40-hour workweek. Also, the country compensates for the highest minimum salary in the world. They mainly take care of their workers’ rights. The taxes for low-wage workers are not very high as compared to other developed nations. After taking the living cost and taxes into account, individuals on minimum income in Australia earn $9.54 per hour. Apply for a skilled work permit to live and work freely in Australia. Seek the optimal Australian skilled migration services.

Beer Options

In Australia, you can get to see several bars and pubs which offer beer of different sizes. These are pot (285 ml), schooner (450 ml), pint (570 ml), and jug (1140 ml). A schooner in South Australia is considered a pint, while a real pint is called an imperial pint.