The Simplest Way to Immigrate to the US

The Simplest Way To Immigrate To The US

By: Emily Wilson

Annually, many individuals apply for a US Green Card to look for their destiny in the United States. But what precisely is it that makes immigration to the US so beautiful to them? These are a few reasons:
  1. Better Employment Openings
The leading and most dynamic economy worldwide provides a wide range of career openings. Hence, it is till now the ideal location to chase the vision of professional development. Get in touch with the top-notch services of immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi if you are thinking of shifting to America.
  1. Quality of Life in the Country
The United States is yet the most unique place for individuals seeking to achieve what they have imagined. Liberty, social equality, living a self-determined life, and becoming the one you wish for; all this is achievable in the US.
  1. Family Reunion
As falling for an American resident, partners are entitled to immigration to the United States. In addition, it is likely for kids, parents, or siblings from overseas to get a permanent resident position in the US.
  1. Better Education System
A massive amount of the most impressive learning institutes in the world is sustained in the United States. It is the vision of several ambitious aspirants to graduate from one of the USA’s leading colleges and universities.

How Can We Immigrate To The US?

  1. Family-based Immigration
Family associates living in the US as citizens or Green Card possessors are also qualified for permanent residence in the US. Family-based immigration is separated into two classes, depending on the level of relationship. The right to live enduringly in the country is given to the following groups of people:
  • Parents of US citizens or Green Card possessors
  • Future partners
  • Single children below the age of 21
They will obtain their permanent residence permit without any delay. The second class encompasses siblings and children more than 21 years of US citizens or Green Card possessors. Just a restricted contingent of Green Cards is out there for them. Furthermore, they generally should experience longer waiting periods.
  1. Employment-based Immigration
The most reputed agency of migration consultants for the USA can provide you the best guidance. Those who sign an agreement with a corporation in the US are qualified for employment-based immigration. When it is about seeking employment, education is the answer. With advanced qualifications, the odds of getting appointed by a US employer augment.

The permit will then jump to the particular post and do not allow an enduring right of residence in the US. Yet, it provides an excellent occasion to set up a living in the US and to get to recognize the nation and its citizens better.
  1. Green Card Lottery
The Green Card Lottery is officially called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program or the DV Lottery. It is the yearly draw of 55,000 Green Cards issued by the US administration. Those who meet the necessities for participation in the Green Card Lottery can sign up without charge straight with the US State Department.