Points to consider if you want to study in Portugal

Points To Consider If You Want To Study In Portugal

By: Emily Wilson

If you are a student seeking an academic degree, you can enrol at a university. On the other hand, students with a technical specialisation can earn a degree from several reputed polytechnic universities. But before applying to a polytechnic or university degree course in Portugal, you must seek a student visa and the process for applying for a student visa and the tenure of the gap of a student visa.

Get an acceptance letter from any Portuguese University

You will have to decide on the University before starting your student visa application process. Then, you can use your acceptance letter to apply for a student visa to Portugal.

Types of Students' Visas to Portugal

You can get two types of Students visas to Portugal. They include:
  • Short-term student visa – The students can apply for this visa on a short-term study or language course. The tenure of the course must be between 3 months and one year.
  • Residence visa with residence permit – this visa is permitted to students willing to an academic study degree. The tenure of the study is longer than one year.
How to apply for the students' visas

You can apply for a student visa at your nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate in your own country. You must consider the following points before applying for a student visa.
  • Your eligibility for applying for the student visa.
  • The type of student visa that you need for studying in Portugal.
  • Necessary documents for applying for the visa.

Language requirements for studying in Portugal

If you want a Portugal Study Visa, you need no specific language requirements. The consulates generally do not require any proof of language proficiency from the candidates.

However, if you know Portuguese, it will be beneficial for you to communicate more easily with the local people. 

Documents required for applying for a visa

  • Application form with one coloured passport photograph.
  • A valid passport with an expiry date at least three months after your return.
  • Proof of your application fee.
  • Letter of acceptance from the institute.
  • Proof of financial resources.
  • Any health insurance coverage proof.
  • A valid travel ticket and evidence of accommodation arrangements to Portugal.
  • Criminal records proof.

International students to work in Portugal

EU/EEA students can work in Portugal. There are no restrictions or time limits for them. Students who are outside the EU/EEA are allowed part-time employment. They can also continue full-time work during vacations.

Apply for a residence card in Portugal

Students can apply for a residence card after four months of their arrival in Portugal. They have to submit some proof to apply for a residence card. The proofs are decided according to the guidelines by the Portugal Government.

Acceptance of gap

If you are applying for a student visa, you must know that students are offered a gap of a maximum of six years to study in Portugal.


So, if you are seeking Portugal Student Visa, you must follow these tips to get your student visa easily.