Important Factors to Consider While Applying For A US Work Visa

Important Factors To Consider While Applying For A US Work Visa

By: Emily Wilson

To work within the US, there are lots of visa options. Every US work visa incorporates individual entry requisites, application fees, and procedures. What kind of visa applies to the particular situation and primarily seems suitable must be warily assessed.

Various factors like nationality, education, duration of stay, and company association play a crucial part in deciding which class is the most suitable for you and your workers.

In Detail about US Work Visa

There is no general work permit for the US, but businesses or their foreign workers who want to work within the USA can attain numerous work visas.

USA Work Visa Permits are designed for a stay within the United States for a short period. Thus, the holders of this visa can work in the country temporarily.

Temporary work incorporates business trips, projects to the United States, etc. If you wish to stay and work within the US for a lifetime, you need to submit an application for an immigrant visa.

But, it is not always easy to determine which visa/permit to apply for in the case of a business trip. Do check out the info related to the B-1 Visa and visa-free entry to the US under the Visa Waiver Program prior to starting your trip.


Classes of US Work Visa

There are numerous visas counting temporary work visas for the US. These also include:

1.      E-2 Visa
The E-2 Visa is meant for the companies, specialists, managers, supervisors, or executives who invest or have invested in substantial capital in the economy of the United States.

2.      I-Visa
This visa is for the working tours of journalists or representatives of media companies visiting the United States for business purposes.

3.      C-1/D visa
The C-1/D visa is for crew members of aircraft carriers or shipment companies who want to visit the US for work.

4.      O-1 Visa
The O-1 Visa is intended for those having extraordinary skills in the areas of art, education, sports, business, science, etc.

5.      TN visa
This visa is for the residents of Mexico and Canada who want to visit the US for work purposes.

Visa Application Process

The US application process starts with the US employer that wants to appoint you. The employer applies to the USCIS or the liable US embassy. As the petition for a temporary work visa is prepared by the company for a future overseas worker, the employer is thus the so-called petitioner, meaning the authorized applicant. The future worker is the eligible person and therefore the so-called recipient.

Reach out to the most knowledgeable visa consultants if you are looking to apply for a US Work Visa.

What If The Work Contract Is Terminated?

If your work contract is terminated, the work permit automatically loses its legitimacy. The derived visas for any relative or member of the family who might have journeyed with the worker too lose their legitimacy upon the end of the work relations since these are associated with the main applicant’s visa.

This implies that the prior visa holder is not permitted to enter the United States anymore with the work visa following the end of the work relations.