Immigration from Dubai to Canada Made Possible – UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Immigration From Dubai To Canada Made Possible – UAE (United Arab Emirates)

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The number of immigrants from Dubai to Canada has increased in the coming year. And are you looking out to move from Dubai to Canada? There are Canada Immigrants Agents that you can contact if you’re planning to come to Canada.
There can be various reasons for this immigration and why people have been immigrating?

  • Better job opportunities that are available and pay better.
  • The conditions might be horrible where they currently live, and they staying anywhere else seem like a better option.
  • They might be refugees who are waiting for a chance to return to their hometown.
  • Family might be living here.
  • People might want to live in a healthy and cleaner environment.
  • The admiration for the Canadian lifestyle might be higher.
  • People might get confused between the USA and Canada, thinking they’re both the same, but not.

Advantages of Immigrating from Dubai to Canada

There are various benefits of migration, a few notables are mentioned below:

  • A chance of a better lifestyle.
  • Better medical facilities available.
  • Safe and Secure environment in Canada.
  • It helps in growing economic status.
  • Extraordinary educational institutes to get your children’s future secure.
  • Job employments are better.
  • Scenic environment and nature are exceptional.
  • Immigrants can work and live in Canada.
  • They will have access to medical care.
  • It helps people from Dubai to access the Education system of Canada for their Children.
  • Freedom to buy property in Canada.
  • The immigrants can get permanent residency visas migrating from Dubai to Canada and permanently change their citizenship as Canadians. This is an excellent opportunity because Dubai does not object to Dual citizenship.

Categories for Migration

One can choose any one of the following for immigration to Canada from Dubai:

  • Family Sponsorship
  • Business Immigrant
  • Canadian experience class
  • Quebec skilled worker
  • Federal skilled worker
  • Provincial Nominee Program

Immigrate from Dubai to Canada on Skilled Migration

There is an eligibility criterion that one has to match to migrate from Dubai to Canada. You will also have to pass with an eligible occupation and, after that, qualifying in the Canadian Express: Entry pool of Canadians. You can also get a Canadian work visa with the help of proper agents. There are a lot of options through which this process that can speed up, but it depends on your occupation. You may have to confirm your Visa if you wish to make the trade.


The above-mentioned information is quite significant for you if you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada from Dubai. You need to keep each and every thing mentioned here in your mind while applying for the required visa. There are various benefits of Migrating from Dubai to Canada, and it has become easier than before.
Some immigrant agents can help you get a Canadian work visa, and dual citizenship is also possible since Dubai has no objection to this policy. They will make your whole process of online visa application easier and you would never have to worry about the same.