How to Be a Permanent Citizen of Canada?

How To Be A Permanent Citizen Of Canada?

By: Emily Wilson

Canada is a place full of employment opportunities. Yearly, many individuals look to be permanent citizens and obtain their PR cards. A permanent resident or PR is somebody who has been provided permanent resident status by moving to Canada but is not a citizen of Canada.  Someone in Canada for a short period, for example, a student or foreign employee, is not a permanent resident.

The PR card can be utilized to confirm that you hold permanent resident status in Canada. If you travel out of Canada, you would require showing your passport and your PR card while you return on a commercial vehicle such as train, bus, airplane, or boat. Generally, a PR card is issued for 5 years, but at times it is issued for one year. The PR card is valid until its termination date, which is mentioned on the card.

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Who Can Apply for PR in Canada?

Any person can apply for PR in Canada, but only qualified ones would be approved. To know whether you are fit for permanent residency, you would be inspected by various factors such as your age, official language proficiency, education, Canadian employment experience, etc. Seek the most reputable and experienced permanent residence visa agents in Dubai.
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What Benefits will You Gain after Acquiring Permanent Resident Status?

1.  Dual Citizenship
As a citizen of Canada, you are not needed to select Canada as your main home country. If valid, you might apply for dual citizenship.
2.  Right to Vote
Canadian citizens are allowed to vote in provincial, municipal, and federal elections. Moreover, they have the liberty to run for office and be entailed in political matters.
3.  Family
Children born in Canada automatically become citizens of Canada. It lets you begin a better life for any future children without them undergoing an immigration process.
4.  High-level Federal Jobs
Canadian citizens can apply for high-level federal jobs, which often pay very well and have numerous perks.
Ways of Acquiring PR in Canada
1.  Express Entry Program
The Express Entry program handles applications for permanent citizenship for migrants who can fill jobs where there is a shortage of available skilled Canadian employees by certain economic immigration programs.
2.  Family Class Immigration
Family sponsorship is a great way to have a family reunion in Canada. The citizens and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their loved ones to move to Canada via numerous sponsorship programs such as Spousal sponsorship, family class sponsorship, parent sponsorship, children sponsorship, and grandparent sponsorship.
3.  Provincial Nominee Program
PNP is a program for the workers who are skilled, experienced and educated for adding to the economy of a particular province or territory in Canada. Every Canadian territory has its individual streams and programs that aim at students, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, and business people.
4.  Business Immigration
Business Immigration Program is a way for investing and finding a job in Canada for the immigrants and newcomers who are well-experienced in handling and investing in businesses.
The PR application procedure can be too complicated and time-consuming. Many temporary residents change their status to permanent residents, so you must attain professional immigration help during the Canada PR procedure if you seek to apply for Canadian PR. Look for the most reputed Canadian PR Visa Agents.