How to Attain A Portugal Citizenship?

How To Attain A Portugal Citizenship?

By: Emily Wilson

Anyone intending to live on a permanent basis in Portugal needs to fill up the application for Portuguese citizenship. It is also known as the Portuguese permanent residency. One can attain permanent residency if they have resided in this location for more than five years. While, on the other hand, if you want citizenship, you can claim it after your six years of residence in Portugal. You can also claim a citizenship visa for Portugal if you're going to claim your citizenship via marriage.

How Can I Get Portugal Citizenship?

Whether you are opting for permanent residency or citizenship, both would give you the flexibility to stay here indefinitely. The benefits are also similar, but there are some differences as well. Portuguese citizenship has some added benefits as compared to permanent residency. The citizenship benefits are many since it intends to entice foreigners to come up and participate in the Portuguese citizenship application procedure.

Applying for the Notable Portugal Citizenship

Do you want to apply for Portuguese citizenship? If yes, then have a look at the best guide provided by us just for you. Here, you are going to learn everything about applying for this citizenship. Let us know more about this process in no time.

The foreign residents need to apply for a citizenship visa for Portugal and submit the same to the Portuguese Ministry of Justice. The Portuguese Nationality law would make you eligible for citizenship on the following grounds:
  • If you are married to any Portuguese citizen.
  • If you are Portuguese right from the origin.
  • If you have stayed in Portugal for six years.
  • For adoption purposes.
  • If you have been a citizen of Portuguese overseas territory.
  • If you were a Portuguese citizen previously but lost your citizenship due to unforeseen reasons.
Necessary Documentation for Portuguese Citizenship

You can easily apply for Portuguese citizenship if you have lived here for more than six years. However, the list of requirements is not fulfilled yet. Here are some significant documents you would have to submit to the concerned authority while applying for citizenship. See them below:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Details of your residential permit (current one)
  • Passport / travel ID
  • Proof showcasing your basic knowledge of the Portuguese language
  • Details of your occupation, place of birth, and the various countries you have already resided in.
  • SEF document proving that you have stayed in Portugal for at least six years.
Citizenship Application Fee

You should be well aware of the application fee for acquiring a Citizenship Visa for Portuguese. Well, it ranges somewhat between €175–250. This price might fluctuate based on the category that you are applying for. It’s because children eligible for this citizenship can apply free of cost. For more information, make sure you are seeking help from the best migration service providers. Moreover, even if you want some knowledge about Immigration and Work Visa permit, ensure you are getting in touch with the best migration help providers.

Options for Dual Citizenship

The Portuguese government allows foreigners who are interested in dual citizenship. This means that the applicants can have access to the citizenship of Portugal along with the citizenship of their own home country. However, it is quite necessary for you to ensure that your home country proffers dual citizenship.