How to Apply for your Canada Family Visa?

How To Apply For Your Canada Family Visa?

By: Emily Wilson

Canada has relentless opportunities for high-standard living opportunities and high-per capita income. Canada offers several immigration programs for foreign nationals to get a visa to work and settle in the country. You can apply for a Canada Family Visa through the Canada immigration program. Any permanent Canadian resident or citizen can apply for a sponsored visa for their spouse, parents, grandparents, and dependent children for a permanent Canadian residency. Spousal Sponsorship Program has been the top Immigration category allowing more than 10000 people to apply for Canada Spouse /Dependent Visas.

Canada Spouse/Dependent Visa in Canada

The Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Program, a Family Sponsorship Program's sub-category, allows the family of any permanent Canadian citizen to settle in Canada. As mentioned previously, Canadian permanent residents can sponsor to get a visa for their families. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) authorizes these visas. The IRCC must authorize your visa application to validate your sponsorship for the visa application.

Who is a Dependent Family Member?

According to Canadian visa guidelines, a dependent family member refers to the applicant's spouse, dependent child, and common-law partner. The applicant must be a permanent resident or citizen in a Canadian province.

Dependent Child: A dependent child is the applicant's child who is under 22, not married, or in a common relationship with someone. However, IRCC locks in the age details of the applicant's child as soon as the applicant submits the completed application form.  


Eligible Sponsors in Canada Family Visa Sponsorship

The eligible persons qualified under the Canada family visa process are as follows:
  • Spouse
  • Conjugal Partner
  • Common-law Partner

Time to Get Canada Spouse Visa

The time to get a spouse and dependent visa depend on the applicant, visa requirements. The processing time to get a spouse and dependent visa are as follows:
  • The approximate time to get a spousal visa is 12 months.
  • In the case of a dependent child application, the visa application process may need approximately nine months.

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements

Under the Canadian Spousal/Dependent category visa application, you will be considered an eligible program under the following criteria.
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.
  • The applicant is 18 years or above
  • The applicant must live in Canada while applying for the visa. Any application will be invalid if the applicant is outside Canada. In case the applicant is outside Canada, he/she must confirm to live permanently in Canada after the spousal sponsorship
  • Confirmation of meeting the basic needs of the sponsored spouse or partner
  • The applicant must not be a beneficiary under the social assistance (except for disability)
  • In the case of a spousal sponsorship in Quebec, the applicant must be eligible under Quebec's conditions for sponsorship.

Required Documents for a Canada Partner Visa/ Canada Family Visa

The following are the necessary documents to prove your relationship with your sponsored spouse, partner, children, parent, or grandchildren.
  • Translation documents
  • Relationship proof
  • Medical exam certificates
  • Police certificates
  • Photographs

The Bottom Line

According to the visa guidelines, you can apply for your Canadian spousal visa. If you need more information about Canada Family Visa Fees or support to apply for your Canadian Spouse visa, you can contact your nearby IRCC office or a renowned visa service centre.