How Much Funds Would You Need to Study in Canada?

How Much Funds Would You Need To Study In Canada?

By: Emily Wilson

The administration of Canada offers an opening to Indian students to study in Canada, but as a condition, you will need to get a study permit as well as a temporary resident visa.

Study Permit

It is a permit and not a visa or a document issued by the Citizen and Immigration (CIC) that lets you be a student in Canada. If you possess a study permit, you need to stay registered and make a timely and sensible progression towards finishing your course. Keep in mind that a study permit is a document that lets you study in the country, whereas a visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization enables you to immigrate to Canada. The consultants would assist you in accessing the newest info and connecting you with official immigration experts.

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What Documents do you need for the Study Abroad Visa Permit?

1.  A letter of acceptance from your learning institute.
2.  Evidence showing that you can support yourself and family members who may come with you when you are in Canada.
3.  A valid passport.

How Can You Prove Your Financial Support?

You need to show evidence that you can support yourself and your family, who may accompany you, as you are in Canada. You can prove your financial support with:

1.  Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a partaking financial institute in Canada.
2.  Evidence of an education loan.
3.  Your bank statements for the last four months.
4.  Evidence of you having a Canadian bank account if you have exported funds to Canada.
5.  A letter from the school or individual providing you funds.
6.  Evidence of finances paid from in Canada, if you hold a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded learning course.
7.  A bank draft that can be changed into Canadian dollars.

Minimum funds required for supporting yourself and any family members who will accompany you:

1.  If you and 2 members of the family wish to live in a territory outside Quebec for one year, you would require at least $ 17000 in your bank account.
2.  If you and 2 members of the family above 18 years of age wish to live in Quebec for one year, you would require at least $21225 in your bank account.
If your country of origin utilizes foreign exchange rules, you need to prove that you will be permitted to transfer money for all of your expenses.

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Acceptance Letter
Your institute should send you an acceptance letter. Attach the original or photocopy of your acceptance letter with your study visa application. If you have been provisionally approved, this indicates that you have to get precondition courses. For instance, these can be French or English as second language courses. You should complete these courses before you begin your main learning course. After you are approved into your main learning course, you will have to apply for a novel student visa to elongate your stay.