How Do I Get an Entrepreneur Visa for Canada?

How Do I Get An Entrepreneur Visa For Canada?

By: Emily Wilson

If you have an innovative idea for a business, you are eligible to set up your business in Canada with the help of Canada startup Visa. 
Canada is searching for creative and talented entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their businesses in Canada and have the potential to boost the Canadian economy by providing jobs to Canadian residents. You can become a permanent resident of Canada by applying for a Canada citizenship visa. 

Eligibility Requirements for Canada Entrepreneur Visa Program

Different regions of Canada carry out the entrepreneur policies, which are under the sector of Canada Business Visa. The eligibility requirements for the Canadian entrepreneur visa are as under:
  • You should have a net worth of funds that ranges from a minimum of CAD 300,000 to a CAD 800,000 maximum. 
  • Should be able to make involvement in the Canadian business that ranges from CAD 100,000 minimum to a CAD 600,000 maximum. 
  • You must have a designed plan of business which consists of a marketing plan, business concept, products, staffing, offerings, creation of employment for locals as well as finance management. 
  • Should have ownership experience and business management between 3 to 5 years. 
  • The entrepreneur must be able to fulfil the minimum proficiency of the language of CLB 5 in each band comprehensive of writing 5.0, Speaking 5.0, Reading 4.0, and Listening 5.0. 
  • They should represent their active participation and attention in the regular, continuous activities of their business. 

How to Apply for a Start-Up Visa

  1. Filling of Application Form: 
  • The generic application form should be filled out for Canada.
  • Ensure you have filled in all the required details. Press on the button ‘Validate' in the form.
  • Print the validated form and include a barcode page along with it.
  • Put the date and sign on the form. 
  1. Finish the Documentation
  • Keep ready all the necessary documents as listed in the document checklist.
  • Place these required documents in a closed envelope. 
  • Print the document checklist page and sign on it. 
  • The cover page of your application should be the docent checklist. 
  1. Application Payment 
  • Processing fees for you and those you include in your list are included in your application fee. 
  • Freedom of Permanent citizen fee 
  • Other fees include police certificates, medical exams and language testing fees.
  • Few for biometrics.
Particular applicants = CAD 85
Families applying = CAD 170 jointly
Organisations of 3 or more than 3, conducting artists and their faculty=Maximum total of CAD 255
  1. Submit Your Application
  • Ensure your application form is complete before applying. 
  • Ensure that you have signed on all required documents.
  • After payment, keep the proof with your application. 
  • Include all necessary documents.
  • Plop all the documents in an envelope of 9’’ × 12’’. 
  • On the outside envelope, write down ‘start-up visa' and send it to a proper address. 

How Much Time Does It Consume to Process a Start-Up Visa for Canada?

The present processing time required for the Canada Visitor Visa ranges from 12 to 16 months.