How Do I Become a Data Engineer in New Zealand?

How Do I Become A Data Engineer In New Zealand?

By: Emily Wilson

When someone is planning to work as a Data Engineer in New Zealand, but you are not a citizen or a permanent resident, they will need to apply for a work visa.

Responsibilities of A Data Engineer

  • Using ETL tools or other ingestion methodologies, create batch ingestion and data transformation algorithms.
  • Using Kafka and related technologies, create real-time ingestion and data transformation procedures.
  • Data migration from a legacy data platform to a cloud data platform
  • Data presentation in graphs, charts, tables, and so on, as well as building and developing relational databases for data collection.
  • To acquire the most exposure for a successful consulting career, be involved in all elements of the project life cycle, including strategy, road mapping, architecture, and implementation.

Qualifications of a Data Engineer

  • Experience developing data pipelines is required, including Azure Data Factory, AWS Kinesis, and Spark (preferably 2+ years).
  • Experience migrating and transforming big complex data sets from legacy systems such as Teradata to cloud platforms like Azure utilizing Azure tools and other ETL tools such as DataStage (preferably 2+ years) is required.
  • Data and reporting platform development on Microsoft Azure, SAP BW, Teradata, PowerBI, or Cognos environments.
  • Prior experience working on big data engineering and migration projects is required.
  • Previous experience working with data, data environments, databases, and large data sets in a consultancy context is preferred.

New Zealand Work Visa Requirements.

  • You need to be signed into Real Work. For official contact, this account serves as your profile with the New Zealand Immigration Service.
  • Recent identity and character confirmation are required.
  • Obtaining fitness certifications from doctors
  • Documents that, if they were written in the original language but have been translated into English.
  • Authentic passport or identity document, together with two approved photos for visas.
  • Evidence of moral character (completed character questionnaire, police clearances from all countries you've resided in for at least five years since turning 17, and your place of origin).
  • Proof of genuineness.

New Zealand Work Visa Permit Types

  • Student visa.
  • Group visitor visa.
  • Visitor visa.
  • Dependent child resident visa.
  • Partner of a New Zealander resident visa.
  • Essential skills work visa.
  • Working holiday visa.
  • Silver fern job search visa.

New Zealand Employment Visa Application Process

  • The New Zealand Immigration website is where most of the online visa application process is done.
  • This online procedure is quick and easy; filling out the form shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can mail the appropriate application form and supporting documentation to the authorized center or site for the type of visa you want
  • To obtain an eVisa, the applicant must first create an account on an immigration website and then complete the application process.
  • New Zealand work visa cost of applying is around $495 to $635.

New Zealand Employment Visa Processing Time

  • Work visa type
  • Candidate profile
  • Existence of a visa staff
  • Embassy policies
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