How Can I Obtain a Visa for A German Family Reunion?

How Can I Obtain A Visa For A German Family Reunion?

By: Emily Wilson

One must be a relative of the resident in Germany and meet specific eligibility requirements to be eligible for the German Family Reunion Visa, whether it be for a visa of marriage, your fiance, your spouse, or other family members. The primary need for German residents is that they must be able to support a family member of another nation financially.

German Family Reunion Visa Requirements

You must deliver a few documents to the nearest German embassy or consulate to obtain the Germany Family Visa.
  • The applicant's passport must be no more than ten years old and valid for at least three more months after the requested term of stay.
  • Two application forms are duly filled out and include accurate and truthful information.
  • Two notice/explanation forms have been finished and signed.
  • Two most recent biometric images that meet ICAO requirements.
  • Booking a flight from your nation to Germany is known as travel booking.
  • Germany provides health insurance that covers the applicant's time spent on the country's entire territory.
  • Proof of financial resources is typically required from the person residing. Germany to demonstrate that they can assist the immigrant family member.
  • A letter of invitation from a family member living in Germany stating that there is space available for the person wishing to join them.
  • Proof of accommodation, demonstrating that the application will have enough room in the resident's German residence.
  • Evidence of the applicant's German language proficiency at least at level A1.

How to apply for Spouse Visa Germany?

The procedure for requesting a German visa to accompany your family members there is the same as it is for all other German visas.
  1. Collect all the documents listed on the Germany Family Reunion Visa checklist. They have to be in German or English.
  2. Schedule a meeting at the German embassy or consulate after you have all of the necessary paperwork in hand (or the application center if you find one closer to your home).
  3. Arrive on time and with all the necessary paperwork at the German embassy or consulate on the day of the interview.
  4. After paying the visa cost, you will meet with the consular officer to discuss who you are, your past, and the true reason why you are visiting Germany.

German Family Reunion Visa Processing Time

  • Depending on your instance, the processing time can range from a few weeks to many months.
  •  Be careful to schedule appointment times that are on time.
  • If the embassy is currently receiving many applications, your appointment will be arranged at a later date.
  •  If a few applications are being accepted at the time, you will receive an appointment within a few days.

Germany Family Reunion Visa Fee

  • When you go to the interview, you will need to pay a visa fee to process your application.
  • A family reunion long-term visa (category D) typically costs 75,00 euros for adults and 37,50 euros for minors under 18.

All it is known, for example, the requirements, the cost, the process, etc., are mentioned in the blog.