How Beneficial Is It to Have a Canada Skilled Worker Visa?

How Beneficial Is It To Have A Canada Skilled Worker Visa?

By: Emily Wilson

Federal Skilled Worker Program is the flagship immigration program of Canada for skilled workers. This immigration program is intended for skilled workers from various parts of the world wanting to shift to Canada forever. About 80 % of complete FSWP applications are processed in just six months or less. Let us first talk about the eligibility requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Eligibility for Being a Federal Skilled Worker

1.      Education qualification

You need to hold a minimum education equivalent to a completed Canadian high school diploma. In case you have studied out of Canada, you’ll require an ECA (Educational Credentials Assessment) proving the value of your qualification by Canadian criteria.

2.      Language expertise

You need to give an approved language test that proves you are proficient in either French or English (national languages of Canada). The more you score on the test, the better your likelihood of getting success.

3.      Employment experience

You should have at least 1-year of full-time employment experience or similar experience in any part-time work. This employment needs to be constant and in one particular field. To be regarded as “skilled” work experience, you should have been working in a job at NOC (National Occupation Classification).

4.      Funds

Make sure that you have sufficient funds to back yourself in the new country.

5.      Federal Skilled Worker Points Grid

Every Federal Skilled Worker Visa applicant needs to score at least 67 points out of 100 on the FSW points grid. After complying with all the requirements mentioned above, you might be entitled to submit an Express Entry profile. But, bear in mind that being eligible doesn’t assure the invitation to submit an authorized application for Canada PR. Let us now talk about the benefits of having a Skilled Worker Visa.


What Is The Best Thing About Having A Canada Skilled Worker Visa?

Nowadays, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is coped via the Express Entry management system. Under the Express Entry program, Canada sets a target of welcoming 110000 expats yearly. A great majority of successful Express Entry applicants move to Canada via the Federal Skilled Worker Program.  As per a research, it is proven that FSWP migrants go on to get success and accomplish their dreams in Canada.

Furthermore, immigrating via the Federal Skilled Worker Program is advantageous as you can get Canadian PR in just 6 months. This is a much shorter period than the processing times for other Skilled Worker Immigration Programs of Canada.

Documents Needed To Apply Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

1.      Passport and other travel documents
2.      Duly filled application having the signature of the applicant
3.      Proof of education and professional qualifications
4.      Proof of employment experience
5.      CELPIP or IELTS test results
6.      Police clearance certification
7.      Proof of sufficient funds
9.      Proof of arranged employment (if required)

Every candidate who get an invite to apply are also needed to provide an upfront medical info tracking sheet and photos of main applicant and family member.