Guidelines to Apply for a General Work Visa in South Africa

Guidelines To Apply For A General Work Visa In South Africa

By: Emily Wilson

Any foreigner can apply for the General Work Visas. However, the Visas are only for foreigners. The permanent residents are not allowed to apply for this Visa. The Minister of Home Affairs publishes a critical skills test in a Government Gazette. If you want to apply for a critical skills visa, you must provide proof of qualifications according to Govt guidelines.

How to Get a General Work Visa

The applicant should have an offer of employment before applying to the process. The position is generally offered to South African citizens and permanent residents. The print media generally advertises this Visa, and the whole process is done through a strenuous Department of Labour process. A person can apply for a general work visa for several purposes, including:

How to Qualify for a critical skills visa

A foreign national can apply for critical skills work Visa. In this case, their profession must be listed on the critical skills list under the Govt guidelines. Moreover, they must also have the necessary qualifications and experience according to the relevant accredited professional body, council, or board. SAQA must recognize the professional bodies.

How to Qualify for an intra-company transfer visa

If a person works for a company in a country other than South Africa, he can apply for a working visa. However, if an employee is transferred to the offices in South Africa, the employee will need to apply for an intra-company transfer visa.

The maximum validity period for a general working visa

The South African Government issues a general work visa for up to 5 years. The validity period of the Visa depends mainly on the application's motivation. The tenure of the Visa is extended according to the guidelines of the Govt and several terms and conditions.
In the case of a critical skills visa, the holder has the opportunity to work in South Africa for up to 5 years. On the other hand, if a person has an intra-company Transfer visa, they can work in South Africa for a maximum period of 4 years.

How to apply for a working visa
  • You can apply to the South African embassy, consulate, or diplomatic representative for this Visa.
  • You can also apply to a South African diplomatic representative in an adjoining or nearby foreign country if they are not available in your country of residence.
  • A person can also apply at the nearest Visa Facilitation Centre.
The Department of Home Affairs processes and finalizes these applications.
Documents for application
  • You need to have a passport with one-month validity after your intended return trip.
  • Any proof of employment in South Africa.
  • Vaccination or medical reports
  • Proof of qualifications for South Africa work visa application.
So, you must follow these South Africa Work Visa Requirements to apply for a general working visa in South Africa.