Getting A New Zealand Work Visa without an Employment Offer?

Getting A New Zealand Work Visa Without An Employment Offer?

By: Emily Wilson

One can get a work visa for NZ without an employment offer only if they are eligible for one of the “open” work visas. These are partners of a worker work visa, post-study work visa, working holiday visa.

Can I Apply for a New Zealand Work Visa Without a Job Offer?

An NZ employment offer is necessary, no matter if you wish to apply for an Essential Skills Work Visa or an SMC resident visa. However, finding a job in New Zealand can be if you don’t possess a visa.

Who Requires a Visa to Work in New Zealand?

  1. Those who are coming for a certain job-associated purpose.
  2. Those who have an employment offer from an NZ company.
  3. Those who have been studying in NZ and want to work here.
  4. Those who are from a nation which has a special employment program.
There are visas that can be a route to residence. If you become a permanent resident of New Zealand, you will get all the rights and privileges of an NZ citizen. These are the right to live, work, and study in New Zealand for an indefinite period.

To apply for a New Zealand work permit after study, you must have essential skills, qualifications, and experience. If you are a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, you can live, work, and study in NZ. As you come here, you will attain a resident visa.

The Process

The work visa application processing time for NZ is 21 to 67 days. Most visa application processes are done online via NZ’s official immigration site. The online procedure is quite easy and fast. It only takes about 15 minutes to fill up the online application form.

On the other hand, you can send the form for the visa category you select and all the related documents to the designated website or centre. Based on the visa type you selected, you’ll be informed if you require to send in your passport or if you’ll be granted an E-visa.

E-visa is an electronic visa that is kept in the migration system and replaces the real stamp of your passport. The electronic visa is valid for a student visa, work visa, visitor visa, group visitor visa, and dependent child resident visa in New Zealand.

New Zealand Work Visa Types

1.       Temporary Work Visa

This type of visa is granted to those who want to work visa in NZ for a short term. These visas differ greatly according to various characteristics of people and their occupation type.

2.      Employer Endorsed Work Visa

Employers who have endorsed their employment in NZ and made successful attempts to get an appropriate NZ resident or citizen for the post can aim to recruit immigrant employees. One can apply for an essential work visa, and the NZ employer aids in migration by offering supporting info, representing their endeavours to employ the citizens of New Zealand first.

3.      Skilled Migrant Resident Visa

This type of visa is needed for those who want to live and work within NZ on a permanent basis. The best and most common way to acquire a skilled migrant resident visa is upgrading from a work visa to a residence visa.

The cost of applying for a New Zealand work permit after study differs from country to country. The post-study work visas are meant for those who hold a suitable educational qualification within NZ. If you’ve already attained a visa, you can work for any company and embark on any job in NZ. It normally takes about 21 to 67 days to get an application approved.