Get Your USA Student Sponsorship Visa with These Steps

Get Your USA Student Sponsorship Visa With These Steps

By: Emily Wilson

Many of us wish to study abroad, but when the issue of funding arises, many students are forced to reconsider. Most of the time, this is due to a lack of financial awareness. Many kids have also heard frightening stories about people displaying bank accounts with more than INR 50 lakhs. Some people are even unaware that funds from many sponsors can be shown simultaneously. You can study with the help of a US student visa sponsorship. 

Who Can Fund my International Education?

Several organizations can help you obtain a student visa sponsorship in the United States. Let's look at all of the available USA student visa sponsorship options:
  1. Parents: Your parents are always your first choice. They can sponsor your studies to get a USA student visa. 
  2. Relatives: Blood relatives are also permitted to sponsor you. As a result, the form must state how they are connected to you. Grandparents, immediate uncles, and aunts on both maternal and paternal sides, as well as cousins, can all help you to get a USA study visa. 
  3. Combination: You could have 2-3 sponsors (Parents + Relatives) to demonstrate the complete one-year cost.
  4. Banks: Banks can sponsor your F-1 visa and offer you an educational loan to help you get started on your international adventure.
Sponsorship Requirements for F-1 Visas

Let's go on to learn about the F-1 visa sponsor requirements. Some of the most crucial and necessary F-1 visa sponsor requirements that you must fulfill while applying for an F-1 student visa in the US are listed below:
  1. F-1 visa sponsor letter
  2. Sponsorship affidavit for F-1 visa
  3. Official bank statements are documents that state the applicant's and sponsor's relationship status.
  4. Additional financial records (loan documents, property documents, etc.).
What Documents Do You Need to Sponsor a Student Visa?

You'll need an I-20 or DS-2019 form, depending on your student visa.
  • If you are applying for F-1 visas, you need to fill out the I-20 form,
  •  If you are applying for J-1 visas, you must fill in the DS-2019 form.
Your I-20 or DS-2019 will be sent to you after you get selected or verified for admission to the university or college after your payment has been received by them. J-1 students must work with their program sponsor's Responsible Officer to obtain their DS-2019 form, whereas F-1 students acquire their I-20 through a proper School Official.

The program you plan to study, program start and finish dates, your financing sponsors, and other details you gave while applying are all included on your I-20 or DS-2019 form.


During the application procedure for your USA student visa, you and your sponsor must pay specific expenses. Some sponsors may pay fees in advance, so check with your DSO to see when the best time is to send contributions.

The I-901 SEVIS fee, which is $350, must be paid first (USD). This cost is payable online and is collected for submitting your information to SEVIS. You will be provided with an electronic receipt once you have paid the I-901 SEVIS fee; keep this receipt safe as you will need it for your US Student Visa interview.