For The Fifth Year, Poland Issued the Most EU Residence Permits

For The Fifth Year, Poland Issued The Most EU Residence Permits

By: Emily Wilson

For the fifth year in a row, Poland has issued the most residence permits, with one million issued to immigrants from countries outside the European Union alone last year.
  • According to Statistics, the European Office of Statistics, Poland issued 967,345 licenses in 2021, the highest annual amount ever. This accounted for one-third of all licenses issued in the EU and was more than twice as numerous as other European countries.
  • Spain (371,778), France (285,190), and Germany also had high rates of resident permits (185,213). Poland issued the second most permits per 1,000 population, at 25.6 per 1,000, trailing Malta, 27.7 per 1,000, and Cyprus, 24.6 per 1,000.
  • Furthermore, the number of Poland EU residence permits has returned to pre-pandemic levels, with 2.9 million issued - 31% higher than in 2020 and about 3,000 fewer than in 2019.
  • Poland, too, had a significant increase in the number of permits issued in 2021, rising by 62% from less than 600,000 the previous year. The country's highest annual figure in 2019 was around 725,000.
  • Since 2017, Poland has issued the most first-time resident permits in Europe, having previously been ranked second after the United Kingdom, which will leave the EU in 2020.
  • According to the reasons for awarding permits in 2021, Poland differed from other high-immigration countries in that 82% were for employment, compared to 24% in Spain, 13% in France, and 10% in Germany.
  • Ukraine was the primary source of residence permit recipients, accounting for 75.5 percent of all permits awarded in 2021, followed by Belarus (13.5 percent), Russia (2.4%), Turkey (1%), and India (0.8 percent).
  • According to another Eurostat analysis, Ukrainians will be the nationality group with the greatest number of first residence permits in 2021, with the Polish government issuing 83% of them alone.
  • Morocco and Belarus were next on the list, with 150,100 and 149,000 first-time immigrants, respectively, while the issuing nations for these two nationality groups were Spain and Poland.

Poland EU residence permit is used as evidence of the justification for your stay.

EU Residence Permit Types Are Two, Which Are Mentioned Below:

  1. Temporary Residence Permit- Valid for three years and cannot be extended but be reapplied before the expiration date.
  2. Permanent Residence Permit- You can apply for permanent residency if you've resided in Poland for at least five years.

Poland Residence Permit Requirements
  1. The application for residence. The form must be submitted in two copies.
  2. Four images. The criteria and regulations for visa photos must be followed when taking photos.
  3. An active passport Passport must be presented in its original form and a copy.
  4. Payment of the about €11 stamp duty fee.
  5. Health protection. In Poland, the medical insurance system is not free, and you must first obtain health insurance.

Poland Residence Permit Benefits

Acquiring EU Residence Permit Poland status has various advantages for a foreign national.
  • The Polish borders are open for unrestricted passage.
  • Applying for Polish citizenship is possible.
  • In case of necessary at-risk circumstances, you can seek assistance from the Consul.
  • Without submitting a work permit application, you can work legally in Poland.
  • Any business activity is permitted on Polish soil.
  • You have access to the free education system and the opportunity to apply for scholarships.

In this article, we have talked about Poland's European Union Residence Permit.