Finding Work in Portugal as A Foreign National

Finding Work In Portugal As A Foreign National

By: Emily Wilson

Why do you need a Portugal work visa? Finding a job that suits your skills and interests might be difficult even in your nation of origin. Consider finding a job in Portugal if you are considering or have already moved there.

How To Get a Job in Portugal as a Foreigner?

Whether you're a digital nomad, a student, or a residency permit wanting to switch careers in Portugal, we recommend familiarising yourself with some vital information about the employment market and the fields open to foreigners.

You may make better and more educated judgments regarding working in Portugal if you have a basic understanding of Employment for Foreigners in Portugal.

Portugal's Market for Job

Portuguese speakers face a different work market than non-Portuguese speakers. Increasing numbers of organisations moving to Portugal seek native English speakers, so don't let this discourage you. Most importantly, there will be more opportunities for Portuguese speakers in professional services. Architects, accountants, engineers, physicians, and attorneys fall under this category.

Over the last five years, Lisbon has become a start-up powerhouse, which has increased the number of international workers in Portugal. The fact that the Web Summit is held in our city has bolstered the development of start-ups. Additionally, Portugal's tourist and hotel industries are flourishing. Restaurants, pubs, and hotels are always looking for English speakers (but even a rudimentary knowledge of Portuguese can give you an advantage). However, you should be aware that these positions may not pay as well as those in the hotel industry in other countries.

Getting summer work at one of the numerous contact centres in Lisbon will allow you to spend your days off relaxing on the beach and visiting the city. To work in a call centre in Portugal, you must communicate well in English and at least one other European language.

Finding A Job in Portugal: A Step-By-Step Guide

It was a success, thanks to your efforts! You have secured a job in Portugal and thus are eager to settle down and start working there. However, how do you go about applying for a career in Portugal? In other words, you must learn about the Portuguese employment market and tailor your resume to this market's needs. A typical Portuguese CV has three sections: personal information, work experience, and education.

Remember to send your CV in English, too! In that manner, your resume will be readable by most individuals in human resources. Don’t forget to apply for a Portugal Work Visa.


The prerequisites to operate in Portugal, a Portuguese labour market, and summer employment in Portugal are covered in this article. In addition, you will learn how to apply for work in Portugal or where to look for a job in Portuguese. Before applying, check out the Portugal work permit requirements.