Everything About Your Canada Work Visa

Everything About Your Canada Work Visa

By: Emily Wilson

Do you want to get your Canada work permit? Non-resident Canadians who want to work in any Canadian province must require a valid work permit. A valid Canadian permit allows you to work in Canada under certain conditions. You can apply for your Canadian work permit both online and offline according to your preferences and job requirements. Only approved Canadian employers can appoint foreign personnel. If you are applying for your Federal Skilled Visa Canada, here are the guidelines you should follow.

What is the Official Portal of Canadian Immigration?

The official portal of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is responsible for extending and approving work permits to Canada. You can find all the necessary information about your Canadian work visa on its official website, www.canada.ca. IRCC is a part of the Government of Canada that has the authority to handle and manage the Canadian citizenship rules. It is also responsible for maintaining Canadian Immigration and Refugee policies. You can learn every detail about working in Canada from the portal. It also provides necessary information about foreign workers' rights in Canada.


How to Apply for the Canada Work Permit?

If you require the Canada Work Visa, you can carry out either the online or offline application procedure. While applying for the permit, you must submit a filled application form along with the necessary documents. You are also required to pay the application charge while submitting your application. Per the IRCC guidelines, you may be called for a direct interview at the IRCC consulate in your region. The application process may take at least 12 weeks or more, depending on the documents and other required details as guided by the IRCC.
  • Online Application: You can apply through www.canada.ca, the official website of the Canadian government, to get your work visa.
  • Offline Application: Through this in-person application process, you can contact our nearby Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) to get your work visa.

Categories of Canada Work Permit

You can apply for the Employment Visa to Canada under these different categories.
  • Temporary Workers: Open Work Permits and Employer-specific Work Permits are available for temporary workers. However, they are allowed to extend or change their work permit.
  • Permanent Workers: Eligible candidates can immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry program.
  • Business: Business visitors, professionals, investors, intra-company transferees, etc., can apply for this permit.
  • Students: International students can apply for this permit.
  • Agricultural Workers: Professionals qualified under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) can apply for this permit.
  • International Experience Canada: Qualified and experienced persons can apply for Canada Skilled Worker Visa through International Experience Canada (IEC).

Required Documents

These are the necessary documents required to get your Canadian Work Visa.
  • Application form
  • VISA
  • Employment offer
  • Invitation letter
  • Medical exam certificate
  • VFS consent form
  • Specified documents (if any)
  • Bank details
  • Other documents (if required)

Final words

Getting your Canada Work and Live Visa is hassle-free if you follow the CRCC's guidelines. You can extend your work permit or apply for Canadian citizenship based on your experience and the guidelines of the Canadian government. You can contact your local visa center or CRCC center to learn more about the Canada work permit process.