Everything about UK Work Permit Visa

Everything About UK Work Permit Visa

By: Emily Wilson

Apart from being a great place for sightseeing, the United Kingdom has also been successful in attracting a great percentage of foreign employees around the world. In the UK, there is a greatly developed and market-oriented economy. Thus, it provides the workers with employment opportunities and higher pay. The working conditions are also good.

Still, not every person can simply immigrate to the UK and get employment. There are many processes that one has to complete and criteria to comply with to work within the country. 

Among the major elements of being eligible to work within the United Kingdom is attaining the most suitable work visa permit. There are many work visas for the United Kingdom based on your education qualifications and occupation. Let us talk about various UK work visas in detail.

Types of Work Visas for the UK

1.      Long-term work visas
The long-term visas for the UK are part of the UK points-based system, plus the Tier 2 visas. Following are a few classes of long term work visas for the UK:

·       Tier 2 UK intra-company transfer visa
Those who have been offered a job by a foreign employer in any UK branch of the company can submit a petition for this visa.

·       Tier 2 General UK work visa
Tier 2 General UK work visa is intended for those who aren’t the nationals of Switzerland and the EEA (European Economic Area) countries. The applicant of this visa must hold an employment offer. Also, they should be hired by an appointed sponsor to be able to apply.

·       Tier 2 UK Minister of Religion Visa
This UK Employment Visa is for those who are not from Switzerland and EEA and hold an employment offer letter in the United Kingdom in a faith community.
2.      Short-term work visas
Short-term visas for the UK are all part of the Tier 5 visas, as well as the UK points-based system. Here are the major classes of the UK short-term visas:

·       UK Government Authorized Exchange Visa

One can submit a petition for this visa if you wish to move to the UK for training, employment experience, etc.

·       UK Charity Worker Visa
Those who wish to do unpaid voluntary work for a charity within the United Kingdom can apply for a UK Charity Worker Visa. The applicant would need a certificate of sponsorship from an authorized employer.

·       UK Creative And Sporting Visa
Those with an employment offer in the UK as a creative or sports person can submit a petition for the UK Creative and Sporting Visa. The major requirement that needs to be fulfilled includes possessing a sponsorship certificate from an authorized UK employer.

 What Documents/Certificates Are Needed To Apply For This Visa?

Here is a list of all the important documents/certificates for a UK work visa permit:

1.      Sponsorship certificate from a licensed employer
2.      Police clearance certificate
3.      Financial details
4.      Proof of English language skills
5.      A valid passport

To know more about every UK Work Visa category and necessary documents, you can contact the most trustworthy visa consultants.