Essential Documents Needed Before Applying For a Family Visa

Essential Documents Needed Before Applying For A Family Visa

By: Emily Wilson

A family visa or a Portuguese spouse visa lets the non-EU nationals join a spouse or relative living in Portugal. There are various conditions if you desire to live with someone from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland than if you want to live with a non-EU citizen.

The following guide is all about non-EU nationals who want to join their relatives in Portugal, portraying which relatives qualify for a family visa or Portuguese spouse visa, based on your family relationships and whether your relative has a short-term residence visa, a permanent residence visa, or is studying in Portugal.

Living with Relatives in Portugal on a Temporary Residence Visa

If your partner or relative holds a temporary residence visa in Portugal (given for five years), you could apply for a family reunion for a similar time period. You would get a renewable Portuguese residence visa.

To qualify for a family visa, your relative might need to show that they have adequate funds for the survival of you and all your loved ones, plus they should be liable for giving accommodation.

Those holding the EU Blue Card or highly-skilled non-EU employees living in Portugal can also apply for a family reunion in Portugal.

Living with Relatives in Portugal on a Permanent Residence Visa

If you have family members in Portugal holding a permanent residence visa, issued after five years of living in Portugal, your family visa or spouse visa would be applicable for two years and could be renewed.
Family Visa Consultants in UAE for Portugal

Following the first couple of years, any relatives could get an individual residence permit if the family relation continues. Partners or spouses get an individual residence visa right away if the marriage has lasted for over five years. Small or dependent kids usually get individual residence visas in 2 years.

Family Visa Requirements for Portugal

These are some vital documents needed to apply for joining your loved ones in Portugal:
  • Proof of bond to relatives.
  • Proof of accommodation for relatives (Not applied to refugees).
  • Criminal record certification of family members.
  • Copies of passport/ID for family members.
  • Adoption certificate in the instance of adopted kids.
  • Certificate of guardianship in the instance of minor siblings.
  • Proof of economic dependence, educational enrolment in Portugal in the instance of kids who are studying in Portugal.
After the acceptance of the family visa application, the relevant residence permits will be granted in the name of every family member. Look for the most responsible and certified family visa consultants in UAE for Portugal.

When to Apply? How Much Time will the Process Take?

A family reunion permit application should be submitted as early as 60 days prior to while you require the permit. It would take around 60 days for a family visa application to process. SEF would send a written response of the applicant's verdict and inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But, a few applications might take an additional 60 days for reassessing. In this instance, SEF would inform the applicant of the elongated period.