Documents Needed for a Canada Employment Visa

Documents Needed For A Canada Employment Visa

By: Emily Wilson

A Canada employment visa or work visa is given to qualified foreign persons to work in that country for a particular duration. In general, aspirants should hold an employment offer to apply for a Canadian work visa.

The applicants must apply for an employment visa only after getting an employment letter from a Canadian company. The company or employer should get an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada, which allows them to recruit international skilled employees for jobs that can’t be filled out by natives or permanent citizens of Canada.

What is Essential Documents Requirements for Employment Visa?

Besides being one of the top economies of the world, Canada is also an excellent place for those looking for employment overseas.

More about Canada Work Visa

Annually, over 300000 persons are issued visas to work within Canada. This is a great opening for international employees seeking a better lifestyle. Under the work visa category, you can:
  1. Earn in dollars.
  2. Travel anywhere within the boundaries of Canada.
  3. Apply for a permanent residency visa after some time.
  4. Work in Canada under the company you have mentioned in your employment visa application.
  5. Have the aptitude for submitting an application for Dependent visas to invite your dependents.

Essential Documents Needed to Apply for an Employment Visa to Canada

  1. Qualification certificates
  2. A valid passport having a validity of over six months from the scheduled date of arrival in Canada.
  3. Evidence of professional credentials, along with employment experience.
  4. Medical tests needed to be taken from registered medical facilities.
  5. Evidence of possessing enough finances to cover their expenditures throughout their stay.
  6. A couple of passport photographs.
The aspirants applying for a work visa to Canada from Dubai must also convince migration authorities that they would come back to their homeland after the termination of their job.

Categories of Employment Visas

There are 2 categories of employment visas by Canadian officials. These are employer-specific work visas and open work visas.
  1. Open Work Visa
An open work visa gives you permission to work for any company. This permit is not job-specific; therefore, aspirants don’t need the LMIA or an employment letter from a company who has paid the compliance fee. Possessing an open work visa means that you can work for any company in Canada, excluding the companies which don't meet the labour necessities or are engaged in works like exotic dancing, erotic massage, or escort services.
  1. Employer-Specific Work
This visa, as the name implies, lets you work for a particular company. Since the employer-specific visa relates to a single company, the open work visa can come with specific conditions that will be mentioned on it. These can be the duration of work, kind of work, and locations where you can work.

Possessors of These Permits Can Apply for an Open Work Visa

  1. Post-graduation work visa
  2. Temporary resident visa
  3. Temporary work visas for spouses
  4. Regular open work visa
  5. World youth program visa
  6. Regular open work visa
The employment visa to Canada lets temporary employees, permanent employees, students and others work within the country. The Canadian administration permits migration for family members under the dependent work visa category. Proof of relationship, passport, completed application, etc., are some documents needed to apply for dependents.