Do You Know the New Canada Immigration Rules?

Do You Know The New Canada Immigration Rules?

By: Emily Wilson

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada? The Canadian immigration policy changes periodically, so you must have the necessary information to apply for an immigrant visa or permanent residency in Canada. Knowing the new immigration rules will help streamline your visa application process for the Canada Visa from Saudi Arabia. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released a temporary measure to control the immigration process due to the pandemic outbreak. However, there have been several changes in the immigration and PR policy in Canada after the COVID-19 travel restriction.

Canada Immigration Highlights at a glance (2021-2023)

The following is the immigration and permanent residency policy of the Canadian Government for 2021-2023 to overcome the shortfall resulting from the pandemic.
  • According to the latest government announcement, the immigration target in Canada increased to 432,000 in 2022-2023.
  • The Government has decided to increase Canadian immigration between 2021 and 2023 to overcome the pandemic shortfall in 2020.
  • The community-based approach will be the highest priority to fulfil diverse economic sectors.
  • The immigration policy under the Canada Visa Services for 2021-2023 focuses on digital transformation to streamline the PR approval procedure.
  • Francophone Express Entry is on high focus in the new policy to boost the Francophone communities' growth in regions. (excluding Quebec)
  • The government will offer permanent residentship to frontline workers in 2020 who serve patients with direct treatment.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Canadian Experience Class are included in the PR policy of the government.
  • Under the Economic Mobility Pathways Project, 500 refugees will be accepted to Canada.
  • The Self-employed Persons Program and Start-up Visa Program are included in the new visa program.
  • 250 humanitarian workers, human rights advocates, and journalists will be offered permanent residency under the Immigration Visa Assistance policy.
  • The PR programs include the Caring for People with High Medical Needs Class and the Caring for Children Class.
  • IRCC plans to continue the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. However, Quebec has the authority to control provincial immigration. However, the exceptions include the family class or protected person program.

Canada Immigration Plans (2021-2023)

IRCC targets to offer more than 1 million people by the end of 2023. The government has taken this plan to fulfil the shortfall of the pandemic and the worldwide economic downfall. IRCC also has released the Immigration Levels Plan detailing its migration policy.

Federal High Skilled Immigrants 2021

The Canadian Government offers permanent residency and Immigrant Visas Canada under the Federal High skilled category. The subcategories include:
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

All these programs are part of the Federal Express Entry System and are the most significant point-based immigration program. The immigration processing fees have increased from January 2022. Other significant migration programs in Canada include Provincial Nominee Programs, humanitarian immigration, and Family immigration programs.


Are you all set to apply for your Canada Visa from Abu Dhabi? The latest migration policy information will help you get your immigration visa or permanent residency easily. The newest migration and PR guidelines also mention the roles and responsibilities of the territories and provinces to protect the residents' and migrants' rights. Do you want to know about how to migrate to Canada? Contact your nearby migration office to learn more.