Check Up-To-Date Status with New Zealand Immigration Visa

Check Up-To-Date Status With New Zealand Immigration Visa

By: Emily Wilson

Users can register and verify the details of their current New Zealand visas through the visa verification services. However, the users must have authorization from the visa holders to get the up-to-date status of the New Zealand Immigration Visa. The Visa Verification service refers to an online inquiry service enabling users to check their New Zealand immigration points. Checking the status of your immigration visa is easier with Visa Verification Services.

Here Are the Essentials That You Must Be Aware Of.

  1. Checking the eVisa Status Online

You can look for Immigration Online to get information about the eVisa. In the case of Immigration Online, to get an immigration Visa to New Zealand, you can log in to your account to find the up-to-date status of the New Zealand Immigration News. Other Visa conditions are also available online.

  1. Visa Verification Service

The VisaView system offers the Visa Verification Service to immigrants applying for an immigration Visa. An immigration visa is essential for all non-New Zealand citizens. The immigration visa has information about the visa holder, the tenure of staying, purpose, work and study details, etc.
  1. VisaView for Employers

New Zealand employers can use this service to determine whether a non-New Zealand citizen can work for them. Through this service, employers can confirm the information of the job seeker's New Zealand passport and citizenship details.

  1. VisaView for Education Providers

Registered New Zealand Education providers can choose this service to find out whether a person is compatible with getting enlisted in their educational institution.

  1. If the eVisa Does Not Matches the Passport

If you have not received an Immigration Online verification email, you should immediately check your junk folder or contact your email service provider. You can ask for a refund if the eVisa does not match the passport.

  1. Getting a New Passport After Your E-Visa is Issued

As the immigration visa is linked to the passport, you must inform the Visa authority as soon as possible. The immigration department will update your record and send you a new eVisa letter when you submit the details.

  1. Requesting a Physical Visa Label

In the case of having an eVisa, there is no need for a physical visa label to enter, stay, or leave the country within the Visa tenure. However, you can request a physical label on your eVisa. You must submit the application form with the necessary information and pay the fee to get the physical visa label.

  1. Track an Application

You will get confirmation from Immigration New Zealand if you submit a paper application. However, if you have applied online, you will get the confirmation in your Realme account.

  1. New Zealand Immigration Requirements

The essential immigration requirements include
  • Age
  • Skilled employment
  • Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Expression of interest
  • Invitation to apply for residence
  • Partner and dependent children
  • English language

However, you can also get SMS updates on your phone if you have requested a new immigration Visa or returned the Visa. Contact your visa application center to learn more about the New Zealand Immigration Process.