What Are the Best Ways of Getting a Job in Canada as an International Student?

What Are The Best Ways Of Getting A Job In Canada As An International Student?

By: Emily Wilson

Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for many students in the world. According to immigration, over 500,000 international students have enrolled at Canadian University in 2020 alone. Many students earn student visas and choose to work later in Canada. You can also apply for Canada Skilled Worker Visa if your study permits include the condition- you can work on or off-campus. Other requirements need to be fulfilled. Moreover, you can start working in Canada when you have started with your study program.

Is it Easy for an International Student to Get a Job in Canada?

While the country is excellent in terms of providing bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you should also be aware that the place makes a perfect choice for people who want to settle down or wish to work after completing their graduation or during studies.

Step 1:- Know the Regulations for International Students

Regulations for On-Campus Work
  1. You must have completed your studies.
  2. You can work on-campus only if the studies permit a condition that you can work on or off-campus.
Regulations for Off-Campus Work
  1. You must have got started with your studies.
  2. You can work off-campus without a work permit. You and your employer must have ensured this. In case you work without meeting the requirements, you will be asked to leave the country.
Regulations for Work after Graduation
You must have done full-time graduation in Canada. Two scenarios are attached to it, and these are:
  1. Before your study permit expires, you must have applied for a work permit or a post-graduation work permit.
  2. You can apply for a new study program. And in case the university is not a designated learning institute, you cannot apply for the work.
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Canada Skilled Worker Visa

Step 2:- Make a Choice that Where You Want to Work in Canada

After meeting all the requirements, the next step that should come to mind is deciding where you want to work in Canada. For example, if you want to work an on-campus job then the options are limited to:
  • Work in a hospital
  • Work in a library
  • Work in a research facility centre
  • Work as an assistant for a professor

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting the Most Suitable Job in Canada?

The following steps may help you with what can help you in increasing your chances for a job in Canada:
  • Get involved in an association of students.
  • Participate in volunteering activities. This will help you to create connections and grasp the skills.
  • Join internships. There are many companies preferring students with internships. This will help to gain skills in advance.
  • Start with a network- surround yourself with minded people.
  • Get involved in student associations and organisations.
  • Participate in volunteering programs and activities
  • Stay open-minded- remain open to other jobs or other disciplinary subjects. This will help you to learn the different roles. It will also give an idea of what you want to learn in the future.
To apply for Canada Skilled Worker Visa, you must have gone through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. This is for those selected to immigrate to Canada because of their skills.