Best Universities for Free Education in Poland for International Students

Best Universities For Free Education In Poland For International Students

By: Emily Wilson

Do you want to study in Poland without IELTS? Poland is a famous study abroad location for international students because of its rich cultural heritage. Poland's educational standards are the result of a variety of causes.

Top 5 Universities for Free Education in Poland

  • Jagiellonian University
No other university is older than the Jagiellonian University for study in Poland without ielts, or the "University of Kraków," established in 1364. Students will be learning in the same building as Nicolaus Copernicus, a professor here for nearly six centuries.
  • Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań
The Adam Mickiewicz College was founded in 1611, making it one of Poland's oldest and most prestigious academic institutions. As a prominent intellectual centre in Pozna, the University of Pozna has long been a part of the city's growth. In 1955, it took on the name Adam Bernard Mickiewicz after the honour of its sponsor. One of Poland's most influential writers and political activists of the 20th century.

University faculty and Poland Study Visa for International Students are divided into five research schools, each with 20 departments. In English courses, Linguistics, Art & Humanities, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Astronomy, Adam Mickiewicz University is among the best in the world. International students may pick from more than 80 different fields of study.
  • Cracow University of Technology
The Cracow Technical University is a well-known institution for producing excellent engineers in Poland. The university has eight faculties, including design and computer science. Cracow Technical University students may receive a dual degree from the university and another institution.

Because of its wide range of relevant subjects, the institution has no problem collaborating with industrial partners. They have close working relationships with firms such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, Moto, Caterpillar and many more. It was because of the institution that a Special Economic Zone was formed in 1997: the Cracow Technological Park.
  • University of Gdańsk
The University of Gdansk, one of Poland's most outstanding universities for international students, was created by merging two famous economics and pedagogy institutes. A wide range of academic and research opportunities are now available at the institution. There are classes in everything from biology and psychology to chemistry, oceanography, and quantum physics. For Kashubian language studies, the institution is a central hub.
  • Warsaw University of Technology
In terms of attracting international students, the Warsaw Institution of Technologies (WUT) is Poland's top technological university. It was founded in 1826 and had 19 faculties and a single college among its ranks.


International students flock to Poland because it is one of Europe's top attractions. The country's numerous world-class colleges ensure that students may get a high-quality education while still paying a reasonable price for it. Academically, students from all over the world may benefit significantly from the cheap cost of living in Poland.