Things to Consider Before Applying for an Employment Visa for South Africa

Things To Consider Before Applying For An Employment Visa For South Africa

By: Emily Wilson

South Africa has been growing in terms of economy and manufacturing sectors. It has many jobs to offer too many skilled workers. It has increased the number of foreigners seeking work in South Africa. The continent is creating many opportunities for skilled and unskilled positions.

Moreover, the requirement for general visa applications seems to be complicated. Applying for a visa as an employee or employer entirely creates an essential role for applying for a VISA in any foreign country. Also, immigrants have been successfully helping applicants with their requirements for VISA applications since 2006, and to date, it has achieved almost 4000 granted VISA on behalf of the applicants. Below we have mentioned the important factors who need an employment visa to South Africa.

Who Needs to Apply for an Employment Visa for South Africa?

It states that “any person who is not a permanent resident or citizen of South Africa and craves to work in the country can apply for the employment visa.” The employment visa lasts until the company's contract completes or includes the minimum number of years for which an employee works in the country. Moreover, you can apply for an extension.

If you wish to take temporary employment, you can apply for a work visa under the following conditions:

  • Your plan includes setting up or running a small business temporarily in South Africa.
  • Your company wants to transfer you to South Africa
  • You have applied for the recruitment temporarily in South Africa
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Types of Employment Visa in South Africa

  1. General Work Visa
It is the most common type of Visa. To avail this, the employing company needs to give proof for the position saying that it can't be filled by any native South African.
  1. Critical Skills Work Visa
Specific skills are considered exceptional under the South African Government. A person who has such skills is/will be qualified for the critical skills work visa.
  1. Intra-Company Transfer Visa
Today, people refer to work in multinational companies. It is normal for them to get transferred from one place to another for the sake of work. A person transferred to South Africa under such conditions is rendered to have an ICT visa.
  1. Corporate Visa
It is issued to an employment company. It allows the company to employ several workers (from another country) to work for a certain period. It is a kind of certificate that is given to the employees.
  1. Business Visa
Suppose you plan to open a business in SA and simultaneously want to move to the country or invest in the existing business. In that case, you can apply for a business visa. In such cases, applicants must have substantial capital and must show a business plan.

If you plan to stay for a short term in South Africa, you can apply for an employment visa to South Africa. If you plan to stay longer, you should apply for a permanent residence permit.