All You Need to Know Before Moving to Australia

All You Need To Know Before Moving To Australia

By: Emily Wilson

If you want to move to Australia, you should apply for an Australian visa. There are many things you should know about Australia. The culture of Australia is more than hot weather, beer and barbecues. 

Some Of the Things You Should Know About Australia Are Given Below: 

  1. Australian Visa Application
To visit Australia, Australian visa requirements are of utmost importance. Depending on why you are moving to Australia, there are various kinds of functional visa options. By contacting Australia Immigration Consultants, they will provide you with more information. 

Some Of the Main Types of Visas That Australia is Providing Are: 

•          A Student Visa: you should get admission to any college or university in Australia which will let you study and provide accommodation till your stay. 

•          A Work Visa: in this category, there are numerous visa types depending upon the work you are doing. Even though some visas will provide your permanent residency if you fulfil the conditions. 

The documentation, Australian Visa Processing Time, and cost vary from one visa to another. Therefore, it is necessary to check the things regarding your particular visa. 
  1. Creating an Australian Bank Account
A bank account in Australia is required to make your work and life easy to set up in a new country. The plus point is that you can create your Australian bank account online before moving there, which will help you there. As soon as the online process feta completed, you can deposit and supervise your bank account via an online bank app or website. You may not be able to withdraw cash until you go to Australia and can formally get recognized by officials at the branch. 

Some documents are required at different banks in Australia, which are as: 
    • Passport
    • Student ID 
    • Utility bills
    • Driver’s licence
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Birth certificate
  1. Australian Transport
There are various options when public transport in Australia is taken into consideration. Trams, trains, coaches and buses are available, making it easy for you to travel anywhere in Australia. Moreover, having an Australia immigration visa will make your journey very joyful. 
The fare rate will vary depending on where you are currently based in Australia. So it is necessary to know about the fares rates before remaining on the safer side. Depending on the legislation within a particular region of Australia, international students may get some discount on their fare rates.  
  1. The Tremendous Expense of Residing
If you are planning to Move to Australia, keep in mind that the living cost is tremendous there. From the apartment rent cost to the cost of buying the required things, everything is very much expensive. 
Paying rent for an apartment of three bedrooms in the city centre is the same as that of London and New York, as you have to pay a rent of £2,700 monthly.
  1. The Weather Fluctuates Very Much
Most people think that the weather in Australia is almost the same everywhere. Sunny and hot weather every day of the year in every region of Australia. However, this is not true. It will be a wet season in north Australia when summer is on the northern side.

Brisbane is normally blessed with a good tropical climate. Melbourne is commonly known to have four seasons in a day.  In some regions, you can see so much snow that you can ski there.