All You Need To Know About the New Zealand Skilled Workers Visa

All You Need To Know About The New Zealand Skilled Workers Visa

By: Emily Wilson

New Zealand is located in the southwestern area of the Pacific Ocean and is known as the land of the long white cloud. With its high standard of living, which is relatively cheaper than other countries, New Zealand is the perfect place to migrate if you’re thinking about getting settled abroad.

New Zealand offers migrants a temporary visa which lets immigrants live, study and work in New Zealand for a limited period but a skilled workers visa is a permanent one that lets you live, study or work in the country indefinitely.

There are a few steps to being considered a skilled worker in New Zealand. You have to have an EOI (Expression of interest) of 160 points or above, which you can assess by doing a self-assessment test if you meet the requirements. If your score is 160 or above, you will be sent an ITA (Invitation to apply), after which you can submit your application and receive your resident visa in a short while.

New Zealand Immigration is one of the easiest in the world, and the easiest way to do so in New Zealand is to immigrate as a skilled worker. The experienced workers' visa is permanent in contrast to the temporary permit, and it offers you various benefits and incentives. You need to meet the eligibility criteria that the government has set to be eligible for the said visa.

Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa

The eligibility criteria for the New Zealand skilled worker Visa are:
  • You should be 55 years old or younger
  • You should have minimum work experience
  • You should be proficient in English
  • You should have recognized qualifications
  • You should have been offered skilled employment in New Zealand or should already be working as an experienced employer in New Zealand.

The typical time it takes to acquire a New Zealand skilled workers visa is 24 months to 26 months. If you have held this visa for 2 years or more, you can then apply for PR and, after that, citizenship of New Zealand.

You can stay in New Zealand indefinitely with a Skilled Worker Visa if you're 55 years old or under. With this Visa, you can live, study or work in New Zealand and include your partner or dependent children if they’re 24 or under in your application.


New Zealand offers an indefinite stay of you migrate to the country as a skilled worker and also provide you and your family various benefits which are better than those you will get if you relocate with a temporary visa, not to mention that after you have completed a certain period as a person with a resident visa you can immediately apply for PR and after that citizenship in the country.