All You Need to Know About the Germany Work Visa from Dubai Application

All You Need To Know About The Germany Work Visa From Dubai Application

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Being the fourth largest economy worldwide and acting as a sheath to a plethora of companies, Germany is continually attracting many skilled workers from Dubai. The people of Dubai are looking forward to Germany immigration with the intention of letting their career grow. There are a lot of other companies that are heading towards Germany for their business purpose, and one of the active participants in them is none other than Dubai. A lot of people coming from this destination have already been officially working in Dubai for several years.

If you want to know more about Germany immigration, you can certainly read out the information showcased by us in this article. 

Documents Required for Attaining the Germany Work Visa
The Germany work Visa helps in enabling its holders to work and live in Germany for a period of two years. Later on, they can get their visa extended and apply for the permanent residency here. Your work visa application will require a handful of documents to be submitted from your side. They are mentioned below: 

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Copy of the data page of your passport 
  4. 3 recent passport-sized pictures of the candidate. 
  5. Diploma of your degrees and educational qualification. 
  6. Bank account statement. 
  7. Candidate’s detailed CV. 
  8. Accommodation proof in Germany. 
  9. Financial support proof in Germany. 
  10. Blocked bank account 
  11. Health insurance proof
  12. Candidate’s birth certificate or marriage certificate proving his/her personal status in the home country. 

Different kinds of Work Visas for Germany Immigration

There are a good number of work visas available for foreign nationals who want to travel to Germany. Thus, there exists a dire need for you to know about these visas so that you don’t get confused later on. They are mentioned below: 

  1. EU Blue Cards
  2. Permits for university graduates
  3. Permits for highly skilled workers
  4. Permits for self-employed/freelancers
  5. Permits for scientific researchers

Process for Work Visa Application

The moment you are ready with all the necessary documents required for your Work Visa Application; you shall have to fill up a notable application form. Once you have filled it successfully, submit the form and then schedule your interview for the visa approval. The German Embassy Office is going to grant you the respective Germany job seeker visa based on your background, documents, application form as well as the interview. 

If you follow the above-mentioned steps with no shortcomings, and also if you are determined to find the best job in Germany, nothing can stop you from getting that. All you need to do is prepare the finest application and also, start searching for some contacts and increase your network with the people living and working in Germany. 


Attaining the right work visa for Germany while you are in Dubai can be a complex task if you don’t have the assistance from the best immigration experts. They will help and guide you at every step, and you will never even experience the real hassle present the whole application procedure.