A Way for USCIS To Help the U.S. Economy And H-1B Spouses

A Way For USCIS To Help The U.S. Economy And H-1B Spouses

By: Emily Wilson

As per the new research, H1 b visa holders represent a major part of untapped talent who can work in the United States of America provided there are minimum strokes from the regulatory pen. The government of the United States of America has side-lined several highly educated expert women who can contribute to the economy of the United States of America.

These women included H1 b spouses, and in 2015, Obama administration officials made the economic choice to allow the spouses to work in the country. If the H1 b expert husband or wife has not approved the immigrant petition under the Department of Homeland security, the key step would be obtaining an employment-based U.S. green card. It is a spouse status that is eligible for an Employment authorization document. The rule is also applicable to the people if the H1 b expert has waited almost one year for the filing of the petition for the permanent labor certification and the status of H1 b was extended for more than six years.

While this regulation has benefited several families and spouses, of course, the United States of America's economy is more restrictive compared to the Canadian rule, which grants authorization to work and applies to the spouses of skilled professionals. This was mentioned in USCIS News.

What Do You Need to Know Ahead of Time?

foreigner graduate students, especially in science and engineering, declined by at least 40% between 2016 and 2019, as per a recent analysis. Foreigner students increased by at least 182% simultaneously as the Canadian colleges and universities. The 2015 regulation made two main arguments in favor of granting work authorization.

Firstly, it would help employers and the United States of America attract and retain highly skilled foreign nationals for H1 b visas. It is noticeably clear to the employers’ lawyers in analysts that this rule will allow a selected group of spouses of H1 b visa holders to get authorization to work, and the rule fails to grant any spouse the ability to work incident the status of immigration.

The U.S. Green Card Visa plays a crucial role in allowing people to work in the country. Current regulation prevents several highly educated individuals, especially women with a stem education, from working and contributing to the economy of the United States of America. Experts say that at least 90% of the spouses of the H1 b visa holders have one bachelor's degree, and the other half have at least a graduate degree based on the community survey data in America.

 At the same time, it is also estimated that 90% of the spouses are female, two-thirds are from Dubai, and 6% are from China. As per U.S. green card news, these are the regulations that would bring the immigration policy for all the spouses of H1 b visa holders in sync with the transfers of companies.

Lawyers not extending work authorization to more H1 b spouses, making it incident to status, will relieve USICS of a huge processing burden that the agency has been unable to meet.