A Step-By-Step Guide to UK Business & Work Employment Permit

A Step-By-Step Guide To UK Business & Work Employment Permit

By: Emily Wilson

Overseas workers can find employment if there are not enough workers available in the EEA labour market in the UK through a work permit. A specified employer can appoint a pre-arranged position for the professionals for the company. However, a non-resident UK person can apply for permanent citizenship or a UK work visa if he has a work permit for at least five years.

Essential Information About UK Work Permit Applications:

Eligible Persons to Have A UK Work Permit

Nationals of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, including EU countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland, don’t need a work permit to work in the UK. However, nationals from these countries must have a valid UK Job Search Visa in the UK.

How To Apply for A Business and Work Permit

Applying for a work permit to immigrate to the UK is a two-step verification process. After getting their Highly Skilled Migrant Programme score, the applicants can apply for a work permit. However, the UK employer must apply for a work permit for the applicant for immigration purposes.

Key Facts to Be Considered to Get a Work Permit

UK work permit allows the candidate to work for an organization. However, the person can apply for permanent citizenship or an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) permit to reissue the work permit after five years. 

Qualifications To Get a Work Permit

A person can apply for a UK job seeker visa with the following qualifications.
  • Any qualification equivalent to degree level
  • Any HND-level qualification
  • NVQ Level 3 HND-level qualification with a minimum of 1-year experience
  • NVQ level 3 or above HND-level work experience for a minimum of 3 years

Time To Get a Work Permit

Getting a work permit for the UK may take 1 day to 2 weeks. The time is variable depending on the type of the job, the applicant’s details, and the employers’ details.

The Validity Period for A UK Work Permit

The validity period of a work permit can vary according to the company in question. The work permit for a start-up company can be a minimum. However, if the applicant is applying for a reputed UK Job Visa Sponsorship, the validity can be for five years. However, the validity period can be extended.

UK Work Permit Visa Requirements

The following are the essential positions to get a work permit.
  • There must be a genuine vacancy.
  • There is not enough EEA worker to fill the role.
  • The same is not applicable for tier1 jobs.
  • The applicants for a tier2 job must submit the work permit and the job advertisement.

Summing up

If you have applied for a position in the UK, you must have a valid work permit in case of all tier 2 jobs. You can contact your nearby UK immigration office to learn about UK work permit cost, UK visas, UK work permits, and UK immigration.