4 Main Factors for Denmark Green Card Scheme

4 Main Factors For Denmark Green Card Scheme

By: Emily Wilson

Denmark Green Card Scheme permits a person to reside and work in Denmark. You can be eligible to stay and work under a Danish green card if you can get a good score on the Danish Green Card Points Calculator. In case you get a stay permit under this scheme, you do not have any need to apply for a separate work permit visa, as the stay permit will allow you to work in Denmark. But the only thing you must remember is that you must fulfil all the eligibility requirements to apply. 

Fundamental Features

An individual with this green card is allowed to visit, stay and work in Denmark for 3 years initially. Compatible Work in Denmark will help the candidate to get a visa for next year. 

Moreover, you can support yourself easily without any public funds and your professional development. On average, 5 to 6 months are for Denmark green card processing time. Also, the individual is permitted to take their family members to Denmark, and they too can study or work there. 

Danish Green Card Eligibility Requirements

The procedure for Denmark's green card is not as complicated as it sounds. It is a point-based system. The candidate has to score at least 100 points on the point strategy based on various factors such as language, age, work experience, proficiency, education and adaptability to be competent to apply for this green card.  

Here are some factors which you should keep in mind while applying for the green card scheme: 

  1. Education
The candidate should be a bachelor's or master's degree holder. If you graduated or post-graduated from the world's top 400 universities, you can get bonus points. Also, if the occupation you chose is in the Denmark positive occupation list, there are some chances that you will get some more bonus. 
  1. Language Ability 
It would be best if you had a good hold on one language, such as German, English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. You have to provide some proof regarding your statements. If your score on IELTS is 5.6, 20 points will be added to your application, and if your score is 6.5, you will get 40 points. 
  1. Work Experience
Your work experience should be given weightage depending on how many years you have worked in a particular field. If you have an experience in that field which is an experience shortage in Denmark, you can get more points. 
  1. Adaptability 
If you have studied in Switzerland, European Economic Area or European Union, you will get bonus points. 
  1. You should have good character and health provisions.
  2. You must have enough funds to benefit yourself and your family during the period of your stay in Denmark. 
Benefits of the Denmark Green Card Scheme 

There are various Denmark green card benefits, such as 
  • You can enjoy the visit to all countries in the Schengen area without having any visa. 
  • Once you get settled in Denmark, you can take your family there who can also work there. 
  • If you fulfil some strict conditions, you may apply for permanent residency. 
If you dream of going to Denmark, you can benefit from the green card scheme. Here you will learn about the Denmark Green Card Scheme.