3 Pathways to Move to New Zealand as a Software Engineer

3 Pathways To Move To New Zealand As A Software Engineer

By: Emily Wilson

Software Engineers are in much demand in New Zealand as they are on the shortage list of New Zealand. Therefore, if you have a full-time job invitation and good qualifications and experience, it will benefit you to apply for the visa. 

How Does New Zealand Attract Workers?

New Zealand follows a point-based system just like Australia and Canada to attract skilfull, and experienced workers from all over the world. As software engineers are in demand everywhere, each country should be happy to get skilled and experienced software engineers. Just like other countries, New Zealand is following the same trend, and as a result, the country boosts its economy gradually. A proper way and well-mannered immigration process is there in New Zealand to attract immigrants via the New Zealand Job Seeker Visa

There are various ways to enter New Zealand, but the best way is through a skilled migrant-type visa. 

Skilled Migrant Category Visa for New Zealand

The government of New Zealand gives a skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa or NZ Work Visa, which provides a way to gain permanent residency in New Zealand.   The country does not invite for a direct permanent residency; instead, the SMC visa permits you to get into the country, look for a job and then become a permanent resident. The validity of the migrant visa is for 1 year and can be extended for 2 years. Whenever you get a job in New Zealand, you can simultaneously convert SMC into permanent residency. Hence, SMC is also a bridging visa for permanent residents in New Zealand. But it would help if you kept in mind that the whole process of an SMC visa is an online process. 

Eligibility Requirements for New Zealand SMC Visa

New Zealand has formulated a point system with a maximum of 330 points. To enter the country, you should know about New Zealand Work Permit Requirements and secure a minimum of 100 points. These points can be taken by considering the following things: 
  1. Education
  2. Spouse Education
  3. Experience
  4. Age
  5. Additional points
The candidates currently doing a valid job in New Zealand can increase your points in the point grade, and your score will be increased. Although having work experience in New Zealand can only boost your points, these criteria are not necessary for a New Zealand SMC visa.  

New Zealand Immigration Processing Time

Depending upon the type of visa you apply for, the processing time varies. You must submit all the necessary documents and visa applications on time to process your application on time. Otherwise, the delay in the processing time is for sure. The delay in document submission will increase your period. The average time for processing the application for work and student visa is usually 20 to 25 days. After expression of interest (EOI) submission in the case of the skilled migrant category, you must wait for three weeks to get an invitation to apply for residence.

Various Benefits Associated with Immigrating to New Zealand
  • With a temporary work visa, you get an opportunity to be a part of that nation which is considered a less corrupt one. Based on your choice, you can stay in New Zealand for a short or long period. 
  • You can get an opportunity to invite your family members to live together and enjoy the beautiful views of this beautiful country. 
  • For permanent residency, you can underwrite your family members so they can live with you. 
  • You can work with the known and great personalities if you have such a capability. 
  • You know the importance of working in that nation that had a GDP of $186.4 billion (PPP).
If you are ready for a challenge, there is an offer from New Zealand of a satisfying and happy career and good lifestyle that most software engineers can only dream of. Just get a New Zealand Employment Visa and enjoy the journey.